Thesis topic proposal
Tamás Török
Plasma surface engineering studies of metals coatings


Institute: University of Miskolc
material sciences
Antal Kerpely Doctoral School of Materials Science and Technology

Thesis supervisor: Tamás Török
Location of studies (in Hungarian): ME-MAK-MI
Abbreviation of location of studies: MAK

Description of the research topic:

Corrosion protection of Mg and Al alloys has been a great challenge for surface engineers, therefore, the electrolytic anodic and plasma oxidation techniques, environmental friendly conversion layers, electroless and other new coating systems will be studied concurrently with further development of a special in depth surface analytical method (GD OES) working with plasma ablation. In addition, the research project is also aiming at developing at least one novel solution in the field of light metals surface treatments based on better exploitation of the GD OES technique

Required language skills: English
Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2022-01-15

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