Thesis topic proposal
Nóra Szentmáry
Clinical examination, imaging and molecular biological analysis of the cornea and anterior eye segment under physiological and pathological conditions


Institute: Semmelweis University, Budapest
clinical medicine
Károly Rácz Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine

Thesis supervisor: Nóra Szentmáry
Location of studies (in Hungarian): SE
Abbreviation of location of studies: SE

Description of the research topic:

Cornea, covered by the tear film is the outermost structure of the eyeball, with about 42 Diopters of optical power. Especially at the interface between air and tear film, irregularities – normally egailzed by a physiological tearfilm – affect visual performance significantly. The crystalline lens, covers about 20 Diopters of the refractive power of the eye. The anterior chamber geometry of the eye and the molecular composition of aqueous humor is decisive under physiological and pathological conditions for the cornea and the crystalline lens to maintain their functional and optical properties. Beside the classial slitlamp biomicroscope, corneal topography and tomography, confocal microscopy, specular microscopy for corneal endothelial cell analysis, analysis of biomechanics and optical biometry are modern straight-forward diagnostic tools for in vivo measurements to assist the ophthalmologist in diagnostics and to indicate therapeutic interventions. Nevertheless, in vitro measurements with cell cultures for investigation of novel diagnostic or therapeutic settings is crucial for a better understanding of physiological and pathological mechanisms. Clinical or molecular biological analysis of structures of the anterior eye segment may help to further impove treatment standards of the patients.

Number of students who can be accepted: 3

Deadline for application: 2021-05-31

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