Thesis topic proposal
Ákos Zarándy
Algorithms and processes on thousand core computers


Institute: Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest
electrical engineering
Roska Tamás Doctoral School of Sciences and Technology

Thesis supervisor: Ákos Zarándy
co-supervisor: Zoltán Nagy
Location of studies (in Hungarian): Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics, Pazmany Peter Catholic University
Abbreviation of location of studies: PPKE

Description of the research topic:

Thousand core computers and their hardware-software technology
• Cellular wave computing defined on image flows - complexity, spatial-temporal, analog-binary wave logic;
• Physical implementation of the thousand core computers: topographic processor arrays, hierarchic and hybrid architectures, sensor computers;
• Algorithm families, software frameworks, and software libraries on thousand core computers;
• Application aspects and open questions of many-core processors in embedded systems.

Required language skills: English
Further requirements: 
MSc from Computer Science or Electrical Engineering

Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2021-07-31

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