Thesis topic proposal
Gábor Rekettye
Disruptive pricing models in the era of digitalisation


Institute: University of Pécs
business and management
Doctoral School of Business Administration

Thesis supervisor: Gábor Rekettye
Location of studies (in Hungarian): PTE KTK
Abbreviation of location of studies: KTK

Description of the research topic:

The effect of Industry 4.0 on prices is that the elbowroom of price setting is growing. This development makes it possible, even obligate, for the organisations to rethink their pricing strategy and introduce new, more sophisticated pricing technologies. This is even more relevant in those fields where disruptive innovations dominate the scene. The pricing policy will be the central element of the disruptor and disrupted companies’ business policies.

Required language skills: English
Number of students who can be accepted: 2

Deadline for application: 2021-07-31

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