Thesis topic proposal
Gábor Dogossy
Development of PLA composite using agro waste for automotive application


Institute: Széchenyi István University, Győr
transportation and vehicle engineering
Multidisciplinary Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences

Thesis supervisor: Gábor Dogossy
Location of studies (in Hungarian): Széchenyi István University
Abbreviation of location of studies: SZE

Description of the research topic:

The major purpose of this research work is to develop a high toughness cheap biodegradable composite by association agro waste for automotive application. Developed composite will be examined through morphological and mechanical characterization. Developed composite will be used for test production.

Required language skills: at least upper-intermediate english
Number of students who can be accepted: 1

• Dogossy G, Czigany T: Thermoplastic starch composites reinforced by agricultural by-products: properties, biodegradability, and application, JOURNAL OF REINFORCED PLASTICS AND COMPOSITES 30: (21) pp. 1819-1825. (2011)
• Gaspar M, Benko Z, Dogossy G, Reczey K, Czigany T: Reducing Water Absorption in Compostable Starch-based Plastics, POLYMER DEGRADATION AND STABILITY 90: (3) pp. 563-569. (2005)

Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2021-04-30

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