Thesis topic proposal
Imre Szerb
The role of different types of synovectomies in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system’s diseases


Institute: Semmelweis University, Budapest
clinical medicine
Károly Rácz Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine

Thesis supervisor: Imre Szerb
Location of studies (in Hungarian): SE
Abbreviation of location of studies: SE

Description of the research topic:

Synovitis is the term for inflammation of the synovial membrane due to various pathological causes. In recent years, the modern conception of osteoarthritis development, also through imaging methods, has fundamentally influenced our understanding of the importance of synovitis. Now it is clear that beside subchondral bone changes, pathological alterations in the joint capsule and tendons also play a role in the development of osteoarthritis-induced symptoms. It became evident that the inflammatory process of the synovial membrane is already underway in the joint when no degenerative alteration of the hyaline cartilage can be detected. Later on, the inflamed synovial membrane creeps over the surface of the articular cartilage and by producing inflammatory cytokines, among other things, causes cartilage damage. That is why treatment of synovitis is of great significance, since it aims to relieve pain, stop tension of the articular capsule and functional impairment of the joint, furthermore, to prevent cartilage damage and osteoarthritis, a very common condition. The prevalence of osteoarthritis is continuously increasing and it is going to become the most important factor of disability due to musculoskeletal disorders by 2030.
It is given a condition, the so called synovitis, which importance is not always recognised and without treatment it causes the most important musculoskeletal disease, the arthritis. Arthrosis has an economic importance as well, since the cost of its treatment means a burden for the budgets worldwide. That was the main reason to choose the surgical (arthroscopic) and radiosynovectomy as a topic of Ph.D. thesis. Considering radiosynovectomy, this procedure carried out in a very few centers in Hungary, namely at the Trauma Department of Semmelweis University, Buda Hospital of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God, in Kecskemét and Debrecen. Based on the international literature, radiosynovectomy (radiosynoviorthesis or RSO) is suitable for eliminating synovitis in the treated joints. Compared to surgical synovectomies, RSOs are much less costly. In the USA, the average cost of RSO is approximately US$ 3,000, compared to US$ 61,000 for surgical synovectomy.

Deadline for application: 2021-05-31

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