Thesis topic proposal
Géza Regdon
Tamás Sovány
Production of controlled release drug delivery matrices with traditional and innovative methods


Institute: University of Szeged
Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Thesis supervisor: Tamás Sovány
co-supervisor: Géza Regdon
Location of studies (in Hungarian): Szeged
Abbreviation of location of studies: SZTE

Description of the research topic:

The main aim of the research topic is the production of controlled release drug delivery marices with conventional compression and innovative 3D printing methods. The investigations will include the investigation of the effect of drug matrix interactions and matrix texture on the drug release kinetic with various thermoanalytical (TG-MS, DSC) spectroscopical (Raman, NIR, FT-IR) and imaging (SEM, micrCT) techniques.

Required language skills: fluent english
Recommended language skills (in Hungarian): fluent english
Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2021-05-01

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