Thesis topic proposal
Péter Korondi
Ethologically inspired robot behaviour


Institute: Budapest University of Technology and Economics
mechanical engineering
Géza Pattantyús-Ábrahám Doctoral School of Mechanical Engineering

Thesis supervisor: Péter Korondi
Location of studies (in Hungarian): Mechatronics, Optics and Mechanical Engineering Informatics
Abbreviation of location of studies: MOGI

Description of the research topic:

a.) Antecedents: The Department of Ethology at the Eötvös Loránd University and the MOMEI Department of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics have been cooperating in shared research for over a decade, with the goal of implementing ethological models in engineering systems. The research is affiliated with international collaborations. Multiple successful proposals enable frequent exchange of Hungarian and Japanese PhD students for shorter or longer periods of time.

b.) Aim of research: The aim of the research is to develop behavioural elements and complex behaviours for the third generation MOGI robot line which helps the MOGI robots to fit into the social human communities and environments. For example, how should a non-anthropomorphic robot greet a stranger who is arriving at the Department? How should a robot express with its behaviour that it is ready for a task, without becoming cumbersome or annoying to people by repeating “How may I help”?

c.) Tasks, main items, necessary time:
1st year: Overview of the ethorobotics literature
2nd year: Development of robot behavioural patterns
3rd year: Experiments on the effects of the behavioural patterns in human communities
d.) Required equipment: Third generation MOGI robot line. The newly installed 3D Motion Capture Laboratory in which some of the experiments can be conducted.

e.) Expected scientific results: The development of social behaviours of robots as a new artificial species, and the advancement of human-robot interactions (HRI).

f.) References:
Péter Korondi, Szilveszter Kovács, Mihoko Niitsuma, Beáta Korcsok, „Etho-robotics: What kind of behaviour can we learn from the animals? Keynote előadás In: 11th IFAC Symposium on Robot Control (SYROCO 2015). keynote paper. Salvador, Brazília, 2015.08.26-2015.08.28.pp. 246-254.

Lakatos Gabriella, Gácsi Márta, Konok Veronika, Brúder Ildikó, Bereczky Boróka, Korondi Péter, Miklósi Ádám „Emotion Attribution to a Non-Humanoid Robot in Different Social Situations”, PLOS ONE 9:(12) Paper e114207. 32 p. (2014)

Soh Takahashi, Márta Gácsi , Péter Korondi, Hideki Hashimoto , Mihoko Niitsuma, „Leading a Person Using Ethologically Inspired Autonomous Robot Behavior”
In: Human-Robot Interaction. Conference, Portland, USA, 2015.03.02 New York: ACM Press, 2015. Best Late Brake paper

Required language skills: english
Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2021-03-23

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