Thesis topic proposal
Róbert Rajkó
Setup and control (IoT programming) of sensors with a Raspberry Pi tiny computer


Institute: University of Szeged
computer sciences
Doctoral School of Computer Science

Thesis supervisor: Róbert Rajkó
Location of studies (in Hungarian): SZTE
Abbreviation of location of studies: SZTE

Description of the research topic:

The spread of tiny computers has allowed us to develop small-scale, remotely managed applications. The supply of wired and wireless sensors that can form the basis of the IoT (Internet of Things) has been expanded and used for decades.
Within the framework of the research topic, suitably chosen wired and wireless sensors (e.g., for measuring moisture, temperature, pressure, pH, suspended particles and gas content, light intensity, wavelength, color, etc.) should be connected to a Raspberry Pi (RPi) tiny computer and after that, the system of the sensors and RPi should be programmed for creating a more extended IoT application in a coordinated manner.
The next challenge will be to develop a novel validated algorithm for processing the sensor array signals and transmitting them via the Internet organized by an RPi, which means also development of novel multivariate chemometric methods, as well as improving existing ones. Using information tools for justifying the validity, stability, reliability and speed of operations of the developed system will be the final task.

Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2021-05-31

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