Thesis topic proposal
Károly Jármai
Innovative design of steel structures


Institute: University of Miskolc
mechanical engineering
István Sályi Doctoral School of Mechanical Engineering Sciences

Thesis supervisor: Károly Jármai
Location of studies (in Hungarian): Department of Chemical Machinery
Abbreviation of location of studies: VGT

Description of the research topic:

Innovative design means to develop structural variants that have better properties than before, ie. lighter, safer and more economical. Cost reduction requires an appropriate cost function and an effective mathematical extreme value calculation method.
The main requirements of modern engineering load-bearing structures are safety, manufacturability and economy. An elaborated optimum design system that can be used by a candidate provides assurance and manufacturability by meeting the design and manufacturing requirements and economy by minimizing the cost function.
An important consideration is the industrial use of optimum design, so the candidate can use realistic numerical model problems to apply innovative design to compare optimized variants.
The optimal dimensioning can be applied to welded I and box beams or columns, welded joints, tubular trusses, frames, robot arms, stiffened plates and shells. It is important to know the modern mathematical function minimizing methods. Applications include bunkers, power line tower, conveyor bridge, storage tank roof, wind turbine tower, piping reinforcement, welded punch press, crawler bridge, robot arm, etc.

Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2018-06-30

2019. I. 10.
ODT ülés
Az ODT következő ülésére 2019. február 22-én 10.00 órakor kerül sor a Semmelweis Egyetem Szenátusi termében (Bp. Üllői út 26. I. emelet).

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