Thesis topic proposal
János Égert
Weight Reduction of Internal Combustion Engines


Institute: Széchenyi István University, Győr
transportation and vehicle engineering
Multidisciplinary Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences

Thesis supervisor: János Égert
Location of studies (in Hungarian): Széchenyi István University
Abbreviation of location of studies: SZE

Description of the research topic:

Description of the research topic:
In internal combustion engines a lot of structural parts e.g. crankshaft, connecting-rod, piston, cylinder, bearings, crankcase, etc. work together and affect each other. The weight reduction of these parts can be achieved through sophisticated FE (finite element) strength and stress analyses. However by weight reduced structural elements disadvantageous dynamic, vibration and fatigue effects can occur. Therefore the engineering design and dimensioning procedure of internal combustion engines is a coupled problem of strength, stress, vibrations and fatigue investigations from a mechanical point of view. A good approximation of the real phenomena and processes can only be obtained if more and more processes will be analysed and coupled together. To obtain a good approximation-solution of such difficult problems the application of numerical computer methods of mechanics and other simulation techniques can be used.
The research task is to create a coupled elastic multi-body mechanical model which contains more engine parts and investigates more internal state and processes (e.g. strength, stress, dynamic, vibration, fatigue) of the engine. Applying the traditional and modern mass reduction techniques a coupled mechanical model has to be built up which contains and analyses most of the main components (crankshaft, connecting-rod, crankcase, etc.). All the most important mechanical states of the engines have to be determined using an elastic multi-body simulation technique. During the solution the current numerical procedures have to be improved and further developed. An “optimum” solution of the above coupled problem can be the solution of the mass reduction problem of engines.

Research goals:
- Testing, comparing and application of model order reduction procedures for multibody–systems.
- Modeling and FE analysis of internal combustion engines as multibody-problem.
- Proof of efficiency of procedure with the detailed FE analysis and with the solution of mass reduction problem of a given internal combustion engine.

Others (requirements, expectations):
Knowledge of finite element program codes and CAD systems in mechanical engineering, knowledge of theory of elasticity and dynamics at least on MSc level, knowledge of English language at least on intermediate level, knowledge of programming codes

Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2016-12-31

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