Thesis topic proposal
Kornélia Lazányi
The organisation committed to the safety and security of its employees


Institute: Universitas Budensis
military engineering
Doctoral School on Safety and Security Sciences

Thesis supervisor: Kornélia Lazányi
Location of studies (in Hungarian): Óbudai Egyetem Bánki Donát Gépész és Biztonságtechnikai Mérnöki Kar
Abbreviation of location of studies: ÓEBGK

Description of the research topic:

Without the safety and security of its resources and processes no organisation is capable of fulfilling its core mission. According to Reason's (1990) cheese model the security system of an organization is multi-layered. However, the multiple layers of barriers, similarly to the Swiss cheese, are full of holes. These holes exist not only in the defence against external threats, but also in connection with retaining and satisfying employees. Most organizations already have safety standards and procedures aiming at protecting the physical safety of the workforce; however, the scientific background of the psycho-social and mental safety/security of the employees is still to be further developed.
Research objectives:
- examination of organizational, managerial, team and individual factors threatening the psycho-social and mental health of employees,
- examination of organizational, managerial, team and individual factors reducing the risk of employee burnout, or intention to leave the organisation.

Required language skills: angol FF
Recommended language skills (in Hungarian): angol FF
Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2017-01-31

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