Thesis topic proposal
Kolos Molnár
Development of melt electrospun thermoplastic nanofibers and composites


Institute: Budapest University of Technology and Economics
mechanical engineering
Géza Pattantyús-Ábrahám Doctoral School of Mechanical Engineering

Thesis supervisor: Kolos Molnár
Location of studies (in Hungarian): Department of Polymer Engineering
Abbreviation of location of studies: PT

Description of the research topic:

a.) Antecedents: Nowadays electrospinning and other nanofiber techniques are becoming more and more important as these polymer fibers have unique properties and are having possible applications in composites, smart materials, sensors, pharmaceutical applications. The technology has some issues such as the limited productivity, the application of organic solvents and the hardly-known mechanical and other properties of fibers.
b.) Aim of research: The aim of the research is to develop high-efficiency technologies for nanofiber production with the elimination of solvents.
c.) Tasks, main items, necessary time:
• Literature review in the field of electrospun nanofibers, melt electrospinning and –blowing, modelling the behaviour of the process, nanofiber’s mechanical properties and related measurement techniques (approx. 9 month).
• Development of high-efficiency nanofiber spinning system from polymer melts (approx. 12 month).
• Modelling the electrospinning process, theoretical considerations, process optimizations, investigation of the effect of spinning parameters on the mechanical and morphological properties. (approx. 18 month)
• Production of nanofiber reinforced polymer matrix composites and the investigation and modelling of their properties and fracture mechanics. (approx. 9 month)
d.) Required equipment: All the necessary testing and other equipment are available at the laboratory of the Department; however, some devices are to be developed and built as a part of the work.
e.) Expected scientific results: Novel high productivity nanofiber process and related technology, improved performance of fibers and composites, process optimization models
f.) References:
1. Kolos Molnár, László Mihály Vas: Electrospun Composite Nanofibers and Polymer Composites. In: D Bhattacharyya, S Fakirov (eds.): Synthetic Polymer-Polymer Composites. Carl Hanser Verlag, Münich, 2012. pp. 301-352.
2. Kolos Molnár, Zsombor K Nagy: Corona-electrospinning: Needleless method for high-throughput continuous nanofiber production. European Polymer Journal, 74:(1) pp. 279-286. (2016).

Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2016-10-19

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