Thesis topic proposal
Károly Pető
Rural Markets: Challenges for MNCs, how rural markets are way different from that of urban


Institute: University of Debrecen
business and management
Károly Ihrig Doctoral School of Management and Business

Thesis supervisor: Károly Pető
Location of studies (in Hungarian): University of Debrecen, Faculty of Economic and Business
Abbreviation of location of studies: DEGTK

Description of the research topic:

While urban demand for consumer products remains sluggish worldwide, rural markets are growing faster than ever in some of the largest emerging economies. Rising wages are creating a growing middle class, and in such countries as China, Mexico, and South Africa, rural residents report being more optimistic about future wage increases than
their urban counterparts. In China, demand in the countryside has already begun to outstrip demand in the cities.
Rural markets is a developing concept, and as a part of any economy has untapped potential and marketers have realized the opportunity.
Improvement in infrastructure and reach promise a bright future for those intending to go rural. Any macro-level and micro-level strategies for these markets should focus on availability, accessibility and affordability.
The research aims to explore the opportunities of rural market in certain regions that specifically can create the foundations of economy and development to contribute to the economic and social development of the region.
During the research emphasized attention will be focused on the challenges faced by MNCs in terms of problems of region's different development levels and possibilities and local economic development management in context of rural and urban markets.

Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2016-12-31

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