Thesis topic proposal
Dániel Rohács
Objective assessment of the psychological and mental condition of air traffic controllers


Institute: Budapest University of Technology and Economics
transportation and vehicle engineering
Kálmán Kandó Doctoral School of Transportation and Vehicle Engineering

Thesis supervisor: Dániel Rohács
Location of studies (in Hungarian): Department of Aeronautics, Naval Architecture and Railway Vehicles
Abbreviation of location of studies: VRHT

Description of the research topic:

The research topic intends to assess the actual and objective physiological and mental condition of the air traffic controllers, in order to guarantee that they are not temporarily surpassing their workload and capacity. Workload measurements are already applied in the present systems, however, these are based on subjective self-assessments, and cannot capture the actual and more particularly the dynamically changing mental conditions of the air traffic controllers in emergency or unexpected events.

The targeted system is based on micro-sensors being fully integrated in the controllers workstation. From the on-line measurements, the system will be able to assess the actual mental and physiological condition, and trace contorllers not being in the optimal “state”. The research area is already addressed since a couple of years, and a zero prototype was already made in collaboration with hungarocontrol. The results were showed at the world ATM congress in 2014.

Required language skills: English
Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2016-11-27

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