Thesis topic proposal
Analytical modelling of FRP strengthened RC beams


Institute: Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Pál Csonka Doctoral School of Architecture

Thesis supervisor: Anikó Pluzsik
Location of studies (in Hungarian): Department of Mechanics, Materials & Structures
Abbreviation of location of studies: BME

Description of the research topic:

Strengthening of reinforced concrete structures are often needed because of inadequate design or construction, changed environmental conditions or because of increased loading conditions due to functional changes. Strengthening rc beams with FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) material is a widely used technique. Design standards are available for the designing of FRP externally bonded reinforcement but are not for any other types of strengthening (e.g.: strengthening with near surface mounted FRP bars).
In the standard and in all the available analytical beam models for strengthened rc elements perfect connection is assumed between the concrete surface and the FRP laminates. Debonding or delamination of the laminates are checked by additional examinations.
The real behavior of the strengthened beam (partial connection) can be described only by discrete FEM models.
The aim of the research is to work out a new analytical beam model for FRP strengthened rc beams which takes into consideration the partial connection of the FRP laminates to the concrete surface (slipping of the FRP). Further aim is to extend this new theory for other reinforcement types, too. It would be beneficial to extend the results of the new model not only for beams but also for other structures (plates, externally compressed elements).
First step is a comprehensive literature survey.
Next the new mechanical beam model will be worked out.
Applying the new model, the final aim is to gain the load-deflection curve and to determine the exact bending and shear loadbearing capacity of the strengthened rc beams.
Finally, the verification of the new model is essential. Results will be compared to the existing, simplified analytical models, and to FEM solutions. Experiments are also planned in the Adolf Czakó Laboratory of the Department of Mechanics, Materials and Structures which is well equipped for performing beam tests. While Mapei Kft is also ready to work together in order to make the theoretical results suitable for practical applications.

Deadline for application: 2022-03-31

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