Thesis topic proposal
Lajos Kovács
Bioaktiv heterociklusok szintézise


Institute: University of Szeged
theoretical medicine
Theoretical Medicine Doctoral School

Thesis supervisor: Lajos Kovács
Location of studies (in Hungarian): SZTE Orvosi Vegytani Intézet
Abbreviation of location of studies: OVI

Description of the research topic:

Guanine quadruplex structures are ubiquitously found in the genome, e.g. in telomeric sequences (repetitive nucleic acid sequences that protect the chromosomes from deterioration), they play decisive roles in several other processes which roles are not fully understood. Guanine quadruplexes are characterised by the presence of four self-associated guanine tetrads attached to each other via circular hydrogen bonds and the resulting tetrads stack above each other usually in the presence of metal ions. The quadruplex structures are promising targets for diagnosis and therapy and they have potential applications in nanotechnology in order to obtain advanced materials. The present doctoral program aims at the synthesis, analytical characterisation, computational study and biological assay of supramolecular self-assemblies of novel monomeric and oligomeric analogues of guanine.

Required language skills: english
Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2019-12-31

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