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Personal data
Dávid Bartus
name Dávid Bartus
name of institution
doctoral school
ELTE Doctoral School of History (Supervisor)
accreditation statement submitted to: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
Contact details
E-mail address bartusdavidgmail.com
phone number +36 1 411-6500/2929
own web page
Academic title
scientific degree, title Ph.D.
year degree was obtained 2007
discipline to which degree belongs history
institution granting the degree ELTE (to be translated)
2006 - Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
university professor or researcher
Thesis topic supervisor
number of doctoral students supervised until now 1
number of students who fulfilled course requirements 0
students who obtained their degrees:
completed course requirement, without degree or degree granting in process:
Anna Csikó (PhD) 2020/01  DSH
Katalin Boruzs (PhD) 2019/08  DSH
present PhD students:
Rita Helga Olasz (PhD) (2024/08)  DSH
  Thesis topic proposals
research area Roman provincial archaeology, minor arts, bone carvings and figural bronzes
research field in which current research is conducted history

Bartus Dávid: Two roman bronze heads with cirrus from Brigetio, In: Szerk.: A Giumlia Mair, Szerk.: C. C. Mattusch Proceedings of the XVIIth International Congress on Ancient Bronzes, Izmir. Montagnac: Editions Monique Mergoil, 2016. pp. 163-168. (Monographies Instrumentum; 52.)
type of document: Part of book/Proceedings Paper
language: English

Bartus Dávid, Borhy László, Czajlik Zoltán: Recent research in the canabae and legionary fortress of Brigetio (2014–2015), In: Szerk.: Beszédes József Legionslager und Canabae Legionis in Pannonien: Internationale Archäologische Konferenz. Budapest: Budapesti Történeti Múzeum, 2016. pp. 63-72. (Aquincum Nostrum)
type of document: Part of book/Proceedings Paper
language: English

Borhy László, Bartus Dávid, Számadó Emese : Philippus Arabs császár brigetiói törvénytáblája, Komárom: Klapka György Múzeum, 59 p. (Acta archaeologica Brigetionensia; Ser.I.) Vol. 7
type of document: Book/Monography
language: Hungarian

Bartus Dávid: Roman bronze figurine of a kneeling satyr from Biatorbágy., In: Szerk.: L Borhy, Szerk.: K. Tankó, Szerk.: K. Dévai Studia Archaeologica Nicolae Szabó LXXV Annos Nato dedicata. Budapest: L'Harmattan Kiadó, 2015. pp. 13-24.
type of document: Part of book/Szaktanulmány (to be translated)
language: English

Bartus Dávid: Mars holding a patera: an unusual type of Roman bronze figurines., In:Szerk.: Philip Della Casa, Szerk.: Eckhart Deschler-Erb Acta of the XVIIIth International Congress on Ancient Bronzes..Zürich, Svájc, 2013 Zürich: pp. 231-235. Kiadvány: Zürich: 2015.
type of document: Conference paper/Előadás vagy poszter cikke
language: English

Bartus Dávid : Bronzistenek. Római kori figurális bronzplasztika Brigetióban., Komárom: Klapka György Múzeum, 246 p. (Acta Archaeologica Brigetionensia; Ser. I, Vol. 8..)
type of document: Book/Monography
number of independent citations: 3
language: Hungarian

Dávid Bartus: Roman figural bronzes from Brigetio: preliminary notes, In: Szerk.: K Kuzmová The phenomena of cultural borders and border cultures across the passage of time (From the Bronze Age to Late Antiquity). Trnava: Filozofická fakulta Trnavskej univerzity v Trnave, 2011. pp. 17-27. (ANODOS. Studies of the Ancient World; 10.)
type of document: Part of book/Proceedings Paper
number of independent citations: 4
language: English

Dávid Bartus: Les manches de couteau à représentation de gladiateur de l’époque romaine, In: Szerk.: Borhy László Studia Celtica Classica et Romana Nicolae Szabó septuagesimo dedicata. Budapest: Pytheas, 2010. pp. 27-49.
type of document: Part of book/Szaktanulmány (to be translated)
number of independent citations: 3
language: French

Bartus Dávid, Jessica Grimm: A Knife Handle from Caerwent (Venta Silurum) Depicting Gladiators, BRITANNIA 41: pp. 321-324.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 5
language: English

Dávid Bartus: Bone hairpins from Brigetio, In: Szerk.: M Novotná, Szerk.: K Kuzmová Schmuck und Tracht der Antike im Laufe der Zeit seit der Bronzezeit bis zur Spätantik: Proceedings of the International Conference, Modra-Harmónia, 19-22.11.2003. Trnava: Filozofická fakulta Trnavskej univerzity v Trnave, 2004. pp. 23-32. (ANODOS. Studies of the Ancient World; 3.)
type of document: Part of book/Proceedings Paper
number of independent citations: 7
language: English
Number of independent citations to these publications:22 
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list of publications and citations
number of scientific publications that meet accreditation criteria:
number of scientific publications:
monographs and professional books:
monographs/books in which chapters/sections were contributed:
scientific publications published abroad that meet the accreditation criteria:
publications not in Hungarian, published in Hungary, meeting the accreditation criteria:
number of independent citations to scientific publications and creative works:

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