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Personal data
Szilárd Bodó
name Szilárd Bodó
name of institution
doctoral school
DE Doctoral School of Animal Science (Announcer of research topic)
SzIE Doctoral School of Animal Science (Supervisor)
PE Festetics Doctoral School (Announcer of research topic)
the share of work in the different doctoral schools. DE Doctoral School of Animal Science 20%
SzIE Doctoral School of Animal Science 40%
PE Festetics Doctoral School 40%
accreditation statement submitted to: Szent István University, Gödöllő
Contact details
E-mail address bodoabc.hu
phone number +36 28 526-100
mobile phone number +36 30 620-0079
own web page
Academic title
scientific degree, title Ph.D.
year degree was obtained 2003
discipline to which degree belongs animal husbandry
institution granting the degree Debreceni Egyetem (to be translated)
2014 - NAIK ÁTHK (research institute, not university)
other (not specified) (tudományos főmunkatárs)
2012 - Szent István University, Gödöllő
university professor or researcher
1991 - NAIK Mezőgazdasági Biotechnológiai Kutatóintézet (research institute, not university)
other (not specified) (tudományos főmunkatárs)
Thesis topic supervisor
number of doctoral students supervised until now 0
number of students who fulfilled course requirements 0
students who obtained their degrees:
completed course requirement, without degree or degree granting in process:
(50%) Judit Bordán (PhD) 2016/08  DSAS
present PhD students:
(50%) Andrea Magyar (PhD) (2021/08)  DSAS-SzIE
hiányos adatú hallgatói:
Renáta Fábián PhD (2017/08)  DSAS-SzIE
  Thesis topic proposals
research area animal biotechnology in vitro embryo production micromanipulation cloning preimplantation genetic diagnosis chimera techniques
research field in which current research is conducted animal husbandry

Fábián R, Kovács A, Stéger V, Frank K, Egerszegi I, Oláh J, Bodó Sz: X- and Y-chromosome-specific variants of the amelogenin gene allow non-invasive sex diagnosis for the detection of pseudohermaphrodite goats, ACTA VETERINARIA HUNGARICA 65: (4) pp. 500-504.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
language: English

Hoffmann OI, Kerekes A, Liptak N, Hiripi L, Bodo S, Szaloki G, Klein S, Ivics Z, Kues WA, Bosze Z: Transposon-Based Reporter Marking Provides Functional Evidence for Intercellular Bridges in the Male Germline of Rabbits., PLOS ONE 11: (5) p. e0154489.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
language: English

Appeltant R, Somfai T, Nakai M, Bodó S, Maes D, Kikuchi K, Van Soom A: Interactions between oocytes and cumulus cells during in vitro maturation of porcine cumulus-oocyte complexes in a chemically defined medium: Effect of denuded oocytes on cumulus expansion and oocyte maturation., THERIOGENOLOGY 83: (4) pp. 567-576.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
language: English

Dang-Nguyen TQ, Haraguchi S, Kikuchi K, Somfai T, Bodó S, Nagai T: Leukemia inhibitory factor promotes porcine oocyte maturation and is accompanied by activation of signal transducer and activator of transcription 3., MOLECULAR REPRODUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT 81: (3) pp. 230-239.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
language: English

Bordán J, Budai Cs, Oláh J, Kusza Sz, Egerszegi I, Németh T, Kovács A, Bodó Sz: Kecske szarvatlanság és interszexualitás, ÁLLATTENYÉSZTÉS ÉS TAKARMÁNYOZÁS 63: (3) pp. 218-225.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
language: Hungarian

Kobolak J, Bodo S, Rungsiwiwut R, Meng QG, Adorjan M, Virutamasen P, Techakumphu M, Dinnyes A: Generation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Lines from Zona-Free Nuclear Transfer Embryos, CELLULAR REPROGRAMMING 12: (1) pp. 105-113.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 2
language: English

Svarcova O, Dinnyes A, Polgar Z, Bodo S, Adorjan M, Meng Q, Maddox-Hyttel P: Nucleolar Re-Activation Is Delayed in Mouse Embryos Cloned From Two Different Cell Lines, MOLECULAR REPRODUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT 76: (2) pp. 132-141.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 16
language: English

Varga E, Polgar Z, Bodo S, Dinnyes A: Increase of fertilization with frozen semen in laser-assisted rabbit in vitro fertilisation, MAGYAR ÁLLATORVOSOK LAPJA 131: (9) pp. 562-565.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
language: English

Mamo S, Bodo S, Kobolak J, Polgar Z, Tolgyesi G, Dinnyes A: Gene expression profiles of vitrified in vivo derived 8-cell stage mouse embryos detected by high density oligonucleotide microarrays, MOLECULAR REPRODUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT 73: (11) pp. 1380-1392.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 27
language: English

Bodó Sz, Gócza E, Révay T, Hiripi L, Carstea B, Kovács A, Bodrogi Lilla, Bősze Zs: Production of transgenic chimeric rabbits and transmission of the transgene, through the germline, MOLECULAR REPRODUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT 68: (4) pp. 435-440.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 5
language: English
Number of independent citations to these publications:50 
Scientometric data
list of publications and citations
number of scientific publications that meet accreditation criteria:
number of scientific publications:
monographs and professional books:
monographs/books in which chapters/sections were contributed:
scientific publications published abroad that meet the accreditation criteria:
publications not in Hungarian, published in Hungary, meeting the accreditation criteria:
number of independent citations to scientific publications and creative works:
further relevant information regarding accreditation (in Hungarian)
Címzetes egyetemi docens - 2009 (to be translated)

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