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Personal data
name Pál Czobor
name of institution
doctoral school
SE Doctoral School of Mental Health Sciences (Core member)
Council of the Doctoral School
accreditation statement submitted to: Semmelweis University, Budapest
Contact details
E-mail address czobor.palmed.semmelweis-univ.hu
phone number +36 20 825-0177
Academic title
scientific degree, title Ph.D.
year degree was obtained 2007
discipline to which degree belongs clinical medicine
institution granting the degree Semmelweis University
2005 - Semmelweis University, Budapest
university professor or researcher
Thesis topic supervisor
number of doctoral students supervised until now 7
number of students who fulfilled course requirements 5
students who obtained their degrees:
Brigitta Kakuszi PhD 2021  DSMHS
Lívia Balogh PhD 2018  DSMHS
Bálint Szuromi PhD 2014  DSMHS
Sarolta Komlósi PhD 2014  DSMHS

students with degree granting in process:
Máté Gergely Baradits PhD (2020/06)  DSMHS
Sára Eszter Bálint PhD (2020/06)  DSMHS
completed course requirement:
Dóra Fogd (PhD) 2013/08  DSMHS
László Tombor (PhD) 2012/08  DSMHS
Máté Fullajtár (PhD) 2019/08  DSMHS
Szilvia Papp (PhD) 2012/08  DSMHS
hiányos adatú hallgatói:
Máté Gergely Baradits PhD ()  DSMHS
Sára Eszter Bálint PhD ()  DSMHS
  Thesis topic proposals
research area methodology of clinical studies, psychophysiology, development of psychometric methods and measurement scales
research field in which current research is conducted clinical medicine
general health sciences

Baradits M, Kakuszi B, Balint S, Fullajtar M, Mod L, Bitter I, Czobor P: Alterations in resting-state gamma activity in patients with schizophrenia: a high-density EEG study., EUROPEAN ARCHIVES OF PSYCHIATRY AND CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE 269: (4) pp. 429-437.
type of document:
number of independent citations: 3
language: English

Tombor L, Kakuszi B, Papp S, Rethelyi J, Bitter I, Czobor P: Decreased resting gamma activity in adult attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder., WORLD JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY [Epub ahead of print]: pp. 1-12.
type of document:
language: English

Kakuszi B, Bitter I, Czobor P: Suicidal ideation in adult ADHD: Gender difference with a specific psychopathological profile., COMPREHENSIVE PSYCHIATRY 85: pp. 23-29.
type of document:
language: English

Czobor P, Kakuszi B, Nemeth K, Balogh L, Papp S, Tombor L, Bitter I: Electrophysiological indices of aberrant error-processing in adults with ADHD: a new region of interest, BRAIN IMAGING AND BEHAVIOR 11: (6) pp. 1616-1628.
type of document:
number of independent citations: 4
language: English

Nemeth G, Laszlovszky I, Czobor P, Szalai E, Szatmari B, Harsanyi J, Barabassy A, Debelle M, Durgam S, Bitter I, Marder S, Fleischhacker WW: Cariprazine versus risperidone monotherapy for treatment of predominant negative symptoms in patients with schizophrenia: a randomised, double-blind, controlled trial, LANCET 389: (10074) pp. 1103-1113.
type of document:
number of independent citations: 46
language: English

Krakowski MI, De Sanctis P, Foxe JJ, Hoptman MJ, Nolan K, Kamiel S, Czobor P: Disturbances in Response Inhibition and Emotional Processing as Potential Pathways to Violence in Schizophrenia: A High-Density Event-Related Potential Study., SCHIZOPHRENIA BULLETIN 42: (4) pp. 963-974.
type of document:
number of independent citations: 11
language: English

Kakuszi B, Tombor L, Papp S, Bitter I, Czobor P: Altered response-preparation in patients with adult ADHD: A high-density ERP study., PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH-NEUROIMAGING 249: (30) pp. 57-66.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 2
language: English

Wykes T, Huddy V, Cellard C, McGurk SR, Czobor P: A meta-analysis of cognitive remediation for schizophrenia: methodology and effect sizes., AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY 168: (5) pp. 472-485.
type of document: Journal paper/Review paper
number of independent citations: 789
language: English

Simon V, Czobor P, Balint S, Meszaros A, Bitter I: Prevalence and correlates of adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: meta-analysis., BRITISH JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY 194: (3) pp. 204-211.
type of document: Journal paper/Review paper
number of independent citations: 655
language: English

Czobor P, Volavka J, Sheitman B, Lindenmayer JP, Citrome L, McEvoy J, Cooper TB, Chakos M, Lieberman JA: Antipsychotic-induced weight gain and therapeutic response: a differential association., JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY 22: (3) pp. 244-251.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 153
language: English
Number of independent citations to these publications:1663 
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Served as an instructor for Bálint Szuromi who earned his PhD degree in 2014

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