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Personal data
Mahmoud Al-Khrasani
name Mahmoud Al-Khrasani
name of institution
doctoral school
SE Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Announcer of research topic)
SE Doctoral School of University Semmelweis (Supervisor)
the share of work in the different doctoral schools. SE Doctoral School of University Semmelweis 100%
accreditation statement submitted to: Semmelweis University, Budapest
Contact details
E-mail address al-khrasani.mahmoudmed.semmelweis-univ.hu
phone number +36 1 210-4416
own web page
Academic title
scientific degree, title Ph.D.
year degree was obtained 2004
discipline to which degree belongs pharmaceutics
institution granting the degree Semmelweis University
2002 - Semmelweis University, Budapest
university professor or researcher
Thesis topic supervisor
number of doctoral students supervised until now 6.5
number of students who fulfilled course requirements 2
students who obtained their degrees:
Amir Mohammadzadeh PhD 2022  DSPS1-SE
Mihály Balogh PhD 2019  DSPS1-SE
Erzsébet Laufer PhD 2017  DSPS1-SE

present PhD students:
(50%) Anna Rita Galambos (PhD) (2026/08)  SEDI (to be translated)
Sarah Kadhim Abbood (PhD) (2026/08)  SEDI (to be translated)
Essmat Mohamed Gomaa Nariman (PhD) (2025/08)  SEDI (to be translated)
Dávid Árpád Karádi (PhD) (2024/08)  SEDI (to be translated)
  Thesis topic proposals
research area Central and peripheral mechanisms in analgesia In vitro and in vivo pharmacology.
research field in which current research is conducted pharmaceutics

Angyal Péter, Hegedüs Kristóf, Mészáros Bence Balázs, Daru János, Dudás Ádám, Galambos Anna Rita, Essmat Nariman, Al-Khrasani Mahmoud, Varga Szilárd, Soós Tibor: Total Synthesis and Structural Plasticity of Kratom Pseudoindoxyl Metabolites, ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 62: (35) e202303700
type of document: Journal paper/Article
language: English

Karádi David Á., Galambos Anna Rita, Lakatos Péter P., Apenberg Joost, Abbood Sarah K., Balogh Mihály, Király Kornél, Riba Pál, Essmat Nariman, Szűcs Edina, Benyhe Sándor, Varga Zoltán V., Szökő Éva, Tábi Tamás, Al-Khrasani Mahmoud: Telmisartan Is a Promising Agent for Managing Neuropathic Pain and Delaying Opioid Analgesic Tolerance in Rats, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 24: (9) 7970
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 1
language: English

Mohammadzadeh Amir, Lakatos Péter P., Balogh Mihály, Zádor Ferenc, Karádi Dávid Árpád, Zádori Zoltán S., Király Kornél, Galambos Anna Rita, Barsi Szilvia, Riba Pál, Benyhe Sándor, Köles László, Tábi Tamás, Szökő Éva, Harsing Laszlo G., Al-Khrasani Mahmoud: Pharmacological Evidence on Augmented Antiallodynia Following Systemic Co-Treatment with GlyT-1 and GlyT-2 Inhibitors in Rat Neuropathic Pain Model, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 22: (5) 2479
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 7
language: English

Al-Khrasani Mahmoud, Mohammadzadeh Amir, Balogh Mihály, Király Kornél, Barsi Szilvia, Hajnal Benjamin, Köles László, Zádori Zoltán S, Harsing Laszlo G: Glycine transporter inhibitors, BRAIN RESEARCH BULLETIN 152: pp. 143-158.
type of document: Journal paper/Review paper
number of independent citations: 20
language: English

Balogh M, Zadori ZS, Lazar B, Karadi D, Laszlo S, Mousa SA, Hosztafi S, Zador F, Riba P, Schafer M, Furst S, Al-Khrasani M: The Peripheral Versus Central Antinociception of a Novel Opioid Agonist: Acute Inflammatory Pain in Rats., NEUROCHEMICAL RESEARCH 43: (6) pp. 1250-1257.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 16
language: English

Shaqura M, Li X, Al-Khrasani M, Shakibaei M, Tafelski S, Furst S, Beyer A, Kawata M, Schafer M, Mousa SA: Membrane-bound glucocorticoid receptors on distinct nociceptive neurons as potential targets for pain control through rapid non-genomic effects., NEUROPHARMACOLOGY 111: pp. 1-13.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 30
language: English

Khalefa B I, Shaqura M., Al-Khrasani M., Fürst S., Mousa S.A., Schafer M.: Relative contributions of peripheral versus supraspinal or spinal opioid receptors to the antinociception of systemic opioids, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PAIN 16: (5) pp. 690-705.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 44
language: English

Mousa SA, Shaqura M, Brendl U, Al-Khrasani M, Furst S, Schafer M: Involvement of the peripheral sensory and sympathetic nervous system in the vascular endothelial expression of ICAM-1 and the recruitment of opioid-containing immune cells to inhibit inflammatory pain, BRAIN BEHAVIOR AND IMMUNITY 24: (8) pp. 1310-1323.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 38
language: English

Fürst S, Riba P, Friedmann T, Timár J, Al-Khrasani M, Obara I, Makuch W, Spetea M, Schütz J, Przewlocki R, Przewlocka B, Schmidhammer H: Peripheral versus Central Antinociceptive Actions of 6-Amino Acid-Substituted Derivatives of 14-O-Methyloxymorphone in Acute and Inflammatory Pain in the Rat, JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICS 312: (2) pp. 609-618.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 42
language: English

Al-Khrasani M, Orosz G, Kocsis L, Farkas V, Magyar A, Lengyel I, Benyhe S, Borsodi A, Ronai AZ: Receptor constants for endomorphin-1 and endomorphin-1-ol indicate differences in efficacy and receptor occupancy, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY 421: (1) pp. 61-67.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 18
language: English
Number of independent citations to these publications:216 
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