Core members of Doctoral School of Physics (according to the latest evaluation by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee, core members compliant with requirements)
(CM = Core Member, CME = Core Member Emeritus, S = Supervisor, A = Announcer)

Zoltán Bajnok Zoltán Bajnok (CM, S, A)

János Balog János Balog (CM)

Imre Derényi Imre Derényi (CM, S, A)

 Péter Forgács (CM)

István Groma István Groma (CM, S)

Jenő Gubicza Jenő Gubicza (CM, S, A)

Antal Jakovác Antal Jakovác (CM, S, A)

 Sándor Katz (CM, S, A)

Jenő Kürti Jenő Kürti (CM, S, A)

Péter Lévai Péter Lévai (CM)

Chinh Nguyen Quang Chinh Nguyen Quang (CM, S, A)

Kristóf Petrovay Kristóf Petrovay (CM, S, A)

György Szabó György Szabó (CM)

Gábor Vattay Gábor Vattay (CM, S, A)

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