Core members of Pál Juhász-Nagy Doctoral School of Biology and Environmental Sciences (according to the latest evaluation by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee, core members compliant with requirements)
(CM = Core Member, CME = Core Member Emeritus, S = Supervisor, A = Announcer)

Zoltán Barta Zoltán Barta (CM, S, A)

Gyula Batta Gyula Batta (CM, A)

György Dévai György Dévai (CM, S)

István Grigorszky István Grigorszky (CM, S)

Szabolcs Lengyel Szabolcs Lengyel (CM, S, A)

Tibor Magura Tibor Magura (CM, S)

Attila Molnár V. Attila Molnár V. (CM, S, A)

Lajos Rózsa Lajos Rózsa (CM, A)

Péter Török Péter Török (CM, S, A)

Béla Tóthmérész Béla Tóthmérész (CM, S, A)

Gábor Vasas Gábor Vasas (CM, S)

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