Announcers of doctoral thesis topics in the Doctoral School of Mechanical Engineering
(CM = Core Member, CME = Core Member Emeritus, S = Supervisor, A = Announcer)

István Farkas István Farkas (CM, S, A)

László Fenyvesi László Fenyvesi (CM, A)

Gábor Géczi Gábor Géczi (S, A)

István Husti István Husti (CM, A)

 István Keppler (A)

 Péter Kiss (CM, S, A)

 Péter Korzenszky (A)

 Sándor Molnár (CM, A)

 Péter Sembery (CME)

István Seres István Seres (S, A)

 Márta Szabó (A)

István Szabó István Szabó (CM, A)

Péter Szendrő Péter Szendrő (CM, A)

László Tóth László Tóth (CME)

 Zoltán Varga (CME)

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