Overview of Supervisors and PhD students of the Doctoral School of History
Sums of numbers given by supervisors, or defences found in the data base. Supervisors: people marked as such for the DS, or a PhD student of them is marked as belonging to the DS.
Overview of Supervisors and PhD students of the Doctoral School of History


number of active PhD students
in DS/altogether

number of all PhD students until now

phD students who completed course requirement

supervisions which led to a degree
in DS/altogether

phD students with thesis degree in the data base
in DS/altogether
Aziz Al-Azmeh1/112.5120/120/0
Alice Choyke0.5/0.521.50/1.50/0
György Geréby0/07.55.51/5.51/1
Constantin Iordachi5/6601/61/1
Gerhard Jaritz3.5/3.519.5156/186/6
Gábor Klaniczay1.5/2.52925.55.5/235.5/7.5
László Kontler2/29.590/80/1
Mária Kovács0/0220/20/0
Tijana Krstic1/11.500.5/0.50.5/0.5
József Laszlovszky2/23127.53.5/273.5/11
Jasmina Lukic0/0610.5/1.50.5/0.5
Michael Laurence Miller1/10/00/0
Aleksei Miller1/1401/41/1
Balázs Nagy0.5/3.5982/52/4
István Perczel0.5/0.5139.51/8.51/1
Alfred Rieber1/1100/90/0
Matthias Riedl2/2100/10/0
Marsha Siefert0/0853/7.53/3
Béla Zsolt Szakács0/6.511.56.51/3.51/1
Katalin Szende4/413104/94/4.5
Balázs Trencsényi4/45.523.5/4.53.5/3.5
Carsten Wilke1/1001/11/1
Daniel Ziemann0.5/0.5200.5/0.50/0
Susan Zimmermann0/015.512.51/12.51/2

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