Overview of Supervisors and PhD students of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School
Sums of numbers given by supervisors, or defences found in the data base. Supervisors: people marked as such for the DS, or a PhD student of them is marked as belonging to the DS.
Overview of Supervisors and PhD students of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School


number of active PhD students
in DS/altogether

number of all PhD students until now

phD students who completed course requirement

supervisions which led to a degree
in DS/altogether

phD students with thesis degree in the data base
in DS/altogether
Michael Anderheiden0/0720/20/0
Klaus Beckmann0/01550/50/0
Dieter Anton Binder9.5/10.528156/206/6
Ellen Bos6/61181.5/8.51.5/1.5
Jürgen Dieringer1/1541.5/1.51.5/1.5
Jörg Dötsch1/1100/00/0
Martina Eckardt7/71040/40/0
István Fehér M.1/220150/120/4
Peter Filzmaier5/51580/80/0
Christina Griessler3/30/00/0
Hendrik Hansen3/3960/60/0
András Hettyey0/0.50/00/0
Ulrich Hufeld2.5/2.5521/31/1
Georg Kastner6/7511.5/1.51.5/1.5
Stephan Kirste1/1830/30/0
Richard Lein0/00/00/0
Orsolya Lénárt0/00/00/0
Dietmar Meyer4/71060/70/7
Ursula Mindler-Steiner1/10/00/0
Ferenc Miszlivetz0/0110/10/1
Ibolya Murber3/30/00/0
Stefan Okruch5/6730/30/0
Géza Pálffy0/0330/2.50/2.5
Zoltán Pállinger4/4300/00/0
Felix Piazolo3/30/00/0
Christian Schubel1/11580/80/0
Tibor Szabó1/10/00/0
Georg Trautnitz0/00/00/0
Attila Vincze1/10/00/0

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