Orsolya Kegyes-Brassai thesis topics
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Orsolya Kegyes-Brassai thesis topics

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doktori iskola rövidítése

thesis supervisor

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SzE MMTDIMMTDIOrsolya Kegyes-BrassaiEarthquake Hazard and Risk Assessment of Urban Areas2020-05-31
SzE MMTDIMMTDIOrsolya Kegyes-BrassaiEvaluating the Contribution of Local Site Effects to the Seismic Risk of an Urban Area2020-04-30
SzE MMTDIMMTDIOrsolya Kegyes-BrassaiRisk Perception of Residents Concerning Earthquake Risk or Multi-hazards Affecting an Urban Areas2020-04-30
SzE MMTDIMMTDIOrsolya Kegyes-BrassaiMethods to Assess Economic, Environmental, and Social Impact of Construction Sites – Enhancing Green Construction2020-04-30
SzE MMTDIMMTDIOrsolya Kegyes-BrassaiValidating Visual Screening Methods Based on Numerical Evaluation of Seismic Resistance of Buildings2020-04-30

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