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Adrienn HolczerAnita Must2024-05-16 10:00:00Investigating non-invasive brain stimulation to modulate executive function in major depressive disorder and healthy individuals
Alexandra VargaTamás Kovács2024-05-28 13:00:00Recent trends in the management of undescended testes in Hungary
Ameneh GhaffariniaLajos Kemény2024-05-17 13:00:00Inflammatory memory of Keratinocytes in psoriasis
Attila CsordásLajos Kemény2024-05-22 14:00:00Cell Tree Age as a new evolutionary model for representing age-associated somatic mutation burden
Bettina Kata KádárBálint Andó2024-05-24 11:00:00Clinical consequences of alcohol dependence syndrome: focusing on complicated withdrawal
Fanni KeserűPálma Benedek2024-04-22 11:00:00Sleep-related breathing disorders and the management of obstructive sleep apnea in pediatric population
Gergely RáczAttila Nemes2024-06-05 14:00:00Myocardial mechanics in corrected tetralogy of Fallot
Helga PolyákCecília RajdaLászló Vécsei2024-05-24 13:00:00Investigation of the kynurenine metabolite profile of tryptophan degradation in the cuprizone toxin-induced demyelination animal model of multiple sclerosis
Janka MolnárMárk Tibor Fráter2024-05-08 13:00:00Reinforcing Endodontically Treated Posterior Teeth with Short Fiber-Reinforced Composites in Direct Restorative Techniques
Tali ChackartchiKatalin Nagy2024-04-29 13:00:00Preclinical histological evaluation of a novel human recombinant amelogenin in the regenerative treatment of periodontal defects

2024. IV. 17.
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