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Current thesis topic proposals of Szent István University, Gödöllő, Doctoral School of Food Sciences

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László Baranyai
Zoltán Kókai
Evaluation of effect of ohmic heating on sensory properties of food2018-06-30SZIE
László BaranyaiRapid quality assessment of bakery products using machine vision2018-05-31SZIU
Zoltán KovácsRapid bacteria selection based on differences in probiotics’ growth measured by electronic tongue2018-06-30SZIU
Csilla Mohácsiné Farkas
Gabriella Kiskó
New decontamination methods for reduction of microbiological risk of raw vegetables and fruits2018-06-30SZIU
Csilla Mohácsiné Farkas
Gabriella Kiskó
Application of novel techologies to improve microbiological safety of fresh produce2018-06-10SZIU
Quang Nguyen Duc
Erika Bujna
Development of fortified drinks from plant matrices2018-06-09SZIU
Gyula Vatai
Szilvia Bánvölgyi
Application of membrane and conventional separation processes for production of high quality products from wolfberry fruits and wastes2018-06-30SZIU
Gyula VataiEconomically efficient and environmentally friendly utilization of whey by using membrane separation processes2018-06-30SZIU
Gyula Vatai
Szilvia Bánvölgyi
Application of membrane technology for high valuable component content medical plants extract production2018-06-30SZIU

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