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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Computer Science

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József BékésiAlgorithm development for scheduling problems2021-02-28SZTE
Árpád BeszédesAnalysis and improvement of fault diagnostic capabilities of software testing2021-02-28SZTE
Árpád BeszédesSoftware fault localization techniques involving context information2021-02-28SZTE
Árpád BeszédesEfficient dependence analysis methods in large-scale, complex architecture software systems2021-02-28SZTE
Árpád BeszédesHeuristic detection of equivalent mutants in mutation testing2021-02-28SZTE
Árpád BeszédesReliable measurement and prediction of developer productivity in software development projects2021-02-28SZTE
Árpád BeszédesStatic and dynamic analysis of JavaScript programs2021-02-28SZTE
Árpád BeszédesEnhancement of software fault localization using machine learning2021-02-28SZTE
Árpád BeszédesAnalysis and improvement of software testing processes and artefacts2021-02-28SZTE
Vilmos BilickiResearch of modern domain specific software architectures2021-02-28SZTE
Tibor CsendesNew algorithmic tools for reliable optimization2021-02-28SZTE
Tibor CsendesNew versions of the PageRank algorithm for weighted graphs and their application2021-02-28SZTE
Tibor CsendesFurther development of a stochastic global optimization procedure2021-02-28SZTE
Péter CsermelyTopology and dynamics of real-world networks2021-02-28SZTE
József DombiApplication of the clustering procedures in machine learning2021-02-28SZTE
József DombiApplicability of fuzzy models in machine learning2021-02-28SZTE
József DombiUse of digital and analogue methods in the neural network2021-02-28SZTE
József DombiDatabase description using natural language2021-02-28SZTE
Boglárka Gazdag-TóthSolving facility location problems with global optimization methods2021-02-28SZTE
Boglárka Gazdag-TóthDeveloping and applying reliable global optimization algorithms2021-02-28SZTE
Gábor GosztolyaMedical Speech Processing2021-02-28SZTE
Péter Hegedűs
Rudolf Ferenc
Machine learning aided vulnerability detection and automated mitigation techniques2021-02-28SZTE
Péter Horváth3D image analysis and machine learning methods using deep learning for understanding neuron cell communication2021-02-28SZTE
Márk JelasityDecentralized data mining: scalability, adaptivity, privacy protection2021-02-28SZTE
Márk JelasityRobustness and Interpretability of Artificial Intelligence Systems2021-02-28SZTE
Zoltán KatóBeyond Point-based 3D Reconstruction and Visual Localization of Objects2021-02-28SZTE
Zoltán KatóGeometric Alignment and Fusion of Visual Objects2021-02-28SZTE
Attila KertészEfficient management solutions of Cloud and Fog based IoT systems2021-02-28SZTE
Miklós KrészScheduling problems in public transportation2021-02-28SZTE
Miklós KrészGraph based data mining2021-02-28SZTE
András PluhárCombinatorial games2021-02-28SZTE
András PluhárExtremal and algorithmic problems on graphs2021-02-28SZTE
Róbert RajkóSetup and control (IoT programming) of sensors with a Raspberry Pi tiny computer2021-02-28SZTE
Róbert RajkóApplication-oriented programming a Raspberry Pi tiny computer2021-02-28SZTE
Róbert RajkóApplication-oriented developments of convex geometrical/linear algebraic algorithms2021-02-28SZTE
László VidácsSoftware Product Line Engineering2021-02-28SZTE
László VidácsRecommendation systems for software engineering2021-02-28SZTE

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