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Virág Bene Zoltánné PusztaiPhilosophy of the image and the media2022-06-12SZTE
Virág Bene Zoltánné PusztaiThe rising role of image and its influence on humanity2022-06-12SZTE
Virág Bene Zoltánné PusztaiChanges of human thought in the process of movie production2022-06-12SZTE
Dezső CsejteiOrtega y Gasset's philosophy2022-05-30SZTE
András CzeglédiPhilosophical and aesthetic aspects of "the sublime"2022-05-30SZTE
András CzeglédiAmerican philosophy2022-05-30SZTE
András Czeglédi
Zoltán Gyenge
Modern aesthetics2022-05-30SZTE
Katalin DemcsákIssues of mediality in contemporary theatre2022-05-30SZTE
Katalin DemcsákCulture-hermeneutics2022-05-30SZTE
Zoltán GyengeThe Metaphysics of Theatre2022-05-30SZTE
Zoltán GyengeKierkegaard's philosophy2022-05-30SZTE
Zoltán GyengePost-Kantian Ethics2022-05-30SZTE
Zoltán GyengeSchelling's philosophy2022-05-30SZTE
Zoltán GyengeModern Art2022-05-30SZTE
Anikó JuhászIntersections between philosophy and literature in the 20th century2022-05-30SZTE
Anikó Juhász
János Tóth
Interdisciplinary issues of bioethics and medical ethics2022-05-30SZTE
Anikó JuhászMedical ethics -- from the viewpoint of the patient2022-05-30SZTE
Attila KissPhilosophy and theories of subjectivity in literary criticism2022-05-30SZTE
Attila KissThe relation of philosophy and literature2022-05-30SZTE
Sándor KrémerIssues of the foundations of ethics2022-05-30SZTE
Sándor KrémerThe philosophy of art of Heidegger and Gadamer2022-05-30SZTE
Sándor KrémerThe fundamental ontology of the early Heidegger and his late mysticism of being2022-05-30SZTE
Sándor KrémerThree anti-metaphysical thinkers in the 20th century: Husserl, Heidegger, Rorty2022-05-30SZTE
Sándor KrémerThe philosophy of art of Heidegger and Gadamer2022-05-30SZTE
Katalin KürtösiAesthetics and theory of drama2022-05-30SZTE
Zsuzsanna MátéProblems in Hungarian theories of art and aesthetic thought2022-05-30SZTE
Zsuzsanna MátéPhilosophical Dilemmas of the Crisis/Change of Art2022-05-30SZTE
Zsuzsanna Máté
János Tóth
Utopias and counter utopias2022-05-30SZTE
Zsuzsanna MátéThe Interrelations of Cultural and Artistic Spheres2022-05-30SZTE
Zsuzsanna MátéPhilosophical Issues in Visual Culture2022-05-30SZTE
András Máté-TóthReligion and religious experience in Central Eastern Europe2022-05-30SZTE
András Máté-TóthIndividual and society in post-secular thought2022-05-30SZTE
András Máté-TóthIssues between philosophy and the theory of religion in the history of Hungarian science2022-05-30SZTE
Emese MogyoródiTragedy and philosophy2022-05-30SZTE
Emese MogyoródiModern theories of tragedy in philosophy (Hegel/Kierkegaard/Nietzsche)2022-05-30SZTE
Emese MogyoródiThe philosophy and trial of Socrates2022-05-30SZTE
Emese MogyoródiAncient Greek theories of the soul2022-05-30SZTE
Emese MogyoródiPresocratic philosophy2022-05-30SZTE
Emese MogyoródiPlato's critique of art2022-05-30SZTE
Ferenc OdoricsInterpretations of the Aesthetic and Metaphysical Tradition2022-05-30SZTE
Ferenc OdoricsFilm and its borderlines2022-05-30SZTE
Tamás PavlovitsInterpretations of the concept of infinity in European thought (Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Cusanus, Pascal, Descartes, Leibniz, Lévinas, etc.)2022-05-30SZTE
Tamás PavlovitsCartesian ethics2022-05-30SZTE
Tamás PavlovitsPractical Philosophy and the Philosophical Tradition2022-05-30SZTE
Tamás PavlovitsPhilosophies of early modernity (Descartes, Pascal, Leibniz, Malebranche. Locke, Berkeley, Hume)2022-05-30SZTE
Tamás PavlovitsFoucault's philosophy2022-05-30SZTE
Tamás PavlovitsFreedom (political, positive, negative, autonomy) and free will, freedom and determinism from Antiquity to the present2022-05-30SZTE
László PereczPhilosophy of Science in 19th and 20th Century Hungary2022-05-30SZTE
Judit Nóra PintérHolocaust - testification and theory2022-05-30SZTE
Judit Nóra PintérPhenomenology of extreme situations: trauma, pain, illness, distorted body (image), disability, prothesis, anxiety2022-05-30SZTE
Zsuzsanna PörcziCommunity and philosophy2022-06-12SZTE
Bertalan PusztaiPilgrimage and tourism: allegorical interpretations of modernity in the context of travelling in search of authenticity2022-05-30SZTE
Klára SándorFamily resemblance and connectivism: from Wittgenstein to Clark2022-05-30SZTE
Klára SándorModels and Philosophical Aspects of Cultural Evolution2022-05-30SZTE
Klára SándorThe heritage of the Humboldtian paradigm philosophy of culture and language in 20th century philosophy of language and hermeneutics (Wittgenstein, Bahtyin, Fish)2022-05-30SZTE
Klára SándorCultural Identity2022-05-30SZTE
Klára SándorCultural and Linguistic Relativism, Constructivism and Universalism2022-05-30SZTE
József SimonMachiavelli's philosophy2022-05-30SZTE
József SimonObjective Reality (Suárez, Descartes, Kant)2022-05-30SZTE
József SimonMoral atheists and immoral metaphysicians in Early Modernity2022-05-30SZTE
József SimonThe Philosophy of Duns Scotus2022-05-30SZTE
József SimonProblems of Modality in the Late Middle Ages2022-05-30SZTE
Tibor SutyákPhilosophy of mind2022-05-30SZTE
Réka SzilárdiReligion and meme2022-05-30SZTE
Réka SzilárdiNationalism and theories of religion2022-05-30SZTE
György Endre SzőnyiTheories of cultural representation in early Modernity and its Post-Modern reception2022-05-30SZTE
János TóthEnvironmental philosophy and ethics2022-05-30SZTE
Emőke VargaTheories of art on the concurrence of verbal and visual media representation2022-05-30SZTE
Éva VíghStudia humanitatis and humanism2022-05-30SZTE
Éva VíghAristotle's ethics in early Modern Italy2022-05-30SZTE
Éva VíghFamous female figures in Italian Renaissance and Baroque2022-05-30SZTE
Éva VíghMoral philosophy in the Courtly Culture of Renaissance and Baroque2022-05-30SZTE
Emőke VargaLiterature and Fine Art Through the Mirror of 20th Century Art Theories2022-05-30BTK
Emőke VargaTheory of Illustration2022-05-30BTK
Emőke VargaTheories of the Relation of Text and Image2022-05-30BTK

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