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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Environmental Sciences

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László ErdősConservation importance of habitat heterogeneity in Pannonian forest-steppes2020-02-01MTA
András TomposDesign of electrocatalysts for PEM fuel cells2020-02-01MTA
Márta GálfiMonitoring of environmental hazard of electromagnetic loading and persistent chemicals - by experimental condition2020-02-01JGYPK
Tibor AjtaiInvestigation of microphysical properties of atmospheric and model aerosol2020-02-01SZTE
Tünde AlapiAdditive oxidative water treatment methods for elimination of endocrin disrupting chemicals2020-02-01SZTE
Sándor Beszédes
Gábor Keszthelyi-Szabó
Complex evaluation of the efficiency of microwave treatment for enhanced biodegradability of wastewater and sludge2020-02-01SZTE
Zoltán BozókiDevelopment of improved photoacoustic detection schemes for measuring the optical properties of aerosol particles with increased accuracy and better resolution2020-02-01SZTE
Gábor GalbácsDevelopment of laser and plasma based spectroanalytical methods and instrumentation2020-02-01SZTE
Klára HernádiFabrication and investigation of semiconductor containing composite photocatalytic materials2020-06-01SZTE
Cecília HodúrApplication of membrane separation of water and wastewater treatment2020-02-01SZTE
Dezső HorváthStudy of convection in reactive systems2020-02-01SZTE
Zoltán KónyaNanostructures in environmental science2020-02-01SZTE
Zsuzsanna LászlóApplication of advanced oxidation processes and membrane separation in water and wastewater treatment2020-02-01SZTE
Zsolt MolnárInvestigation of the effects of homeostatic disruptor on physical and / or chemical environmental loads2020-02-01SZTE
Zsolt PapThe synthesis of mixed oxide/noble metal composite systems for the degradation of organic pollutants2020-02-01SZTE
Zsolt PénzesStructure and history of populations and communities2020-02-01SZTE
Katalin PereiDevelopment of bioremediation techniques of sites with extreme hydrocarbon contamination; examination of the microbial communities and their adaptation mechanisms to orga2020-02-01SZTE
Katalin PereiBiorefinery of wastes of meat processing plants2020-02-01SZTE
Péter Poór
Attila Ördög
Phytohormones and the regulation of salt stress tolerance or cell death in plants2020-02-01SzTE
Marianna RadácsMonitoring of biological effect of electromagnetic field and electrosmog2020-02-01SZTE
András SápiNanocatalysis for Environmental problems2020-02-01SZTE
Gabriella SátoriCharacterization of the inner and outer sources of Schumann resonances2020-02-01SZTE
Pál SiposFormation and structure of complex compounds in hyperalkaline aqueous solutions relevant to radioactive waste repositories2020-02-01SZTE
Tamás SzabóImprovement of the active layer of composite membranes by colloidal particles of lamellar structure2020-02-01SZTE
Péter SzilassiInvestigating the link between land use, and the air quality datas with GIS methods.2020-02-01SZTE
András TomposCore-shell electrocatalysts for fuel cells2020-02-01SZTE
Attila Gyula TormaFactors influencing the arthropod communities in secoundary habitats2020-06-01SZTE
Ágota TóthEffect of convection in autocatalytic reaction fronts2020-02-01SZTE
Gábor VerébDevelopment of photocatalysts and their utilization for membrane surface modification2020-02-01SZTE
Ákos KukoveczSynthesis and environmental applications of complex thin layered structures2020-02-01AKKT
Imre GombosInvestigation of membrane alterations and subsequent cellular heats hock response upon fever type hyperthermia2020-02-01SZBK

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