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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Physics

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Tibor PáliDetailed biophysical characterisation of biomembranes with a combination of spectroscopic techniques2021-08-31SZBK
Tibor PáliApplication of pressure perturbation calorimetric and high pressure EPR spectroscopic methods for studying membrane proteins and lipid-protein interactions2021-08-31SZBK
Tibor PáliDevelopment of electron paramagnetic resonance and fluorescence spectroscopic methods for obtaining structural data in biomembranes2021-08-31SZBK
Tibor PáliMembrane protein structure prediction by combining machine learning and molecular mechanics methods2021-08-31SZBK
Árpád László GergelyBlack hole thermodynamics2021-08-31SZTE
Maria LugaroNeutron capture processes in low-mass stars2021-08-31SZTE
Péter Dombi
Václav Hanus
Molecular Junctions In Time-resolved Optical Probing2021-08-31ELKH
Péter Dombi
Václav Hanus
Laser-field-controlled ultrafast currents in semiconductors and dielectrics2021-08-31ELKH
Péter Dombi
Václav Hanus
Non-linear interactions of broadband laser pulses in tight focusing geometries2021-08-31ELKH
Sargis Ter-AvetisyanInvestigation of ultra-short laser driven plasma dynamics and ion acceleration2021-08-31ELI

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