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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Biology

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Zoltán Bagi
Kornél Kovács
Functional understanding and biotechnological exploitation of complex anaerobic microbial communities2020-12-31SZTE
László BodaiInvestigations into the molecular background of proteopathy2020-12-31SZTE
Nikolett BódiRegion-dependent histological and molecular damage in the gut wall affecting the intestinal neuro-immune interactions in the streptozotocin diabetic rats2020-12-31SZTE
Mária Anna Deli
Szilvia Veszelka
Examination of nanoparticles in cell culture models of blood-brain barrier2020-12-31SZTE
Attila GácserInvestigation of the virulenece and the pathogenesis of the human pathogenic Candida species2020-12-31SZTE
Attila GácserDevelopment of molecular tools for investigation of virulence and pathogenesis of human fungal pathogens2020-12-31SZTE
Márta GálfiExamination of equilibrium systems of biological matter forms2020-12-31SZTE
László GalgóczyInvestigation of antifungal protein targets for new therapeutic approaches2020-12-31SZTE
Károly GulyaPheno- and genotyping of microglial cells in vivo and in vitro2020-12-31SzTE
Zsolt KisHistological examination of mouse strains carrying null mutations of different kynurenine aminotransferase isoenzymes2020-12-31SZTE
László Kozma-BognárAnalysis of Antimicrobial Peptide – Induced Transcript and Protein Patterns in Wild-Type and Innate Immunity Mutant Arabidopsis Plant Models2020-12-31SZTE
László Kozma-BognárIdentification and functional analysis of novel circadian clock mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana2020-12-31SZTE
Jolán Mainé CsiszárInvestigation of redox-processes and their regulation in stress responses of Arabidopsis and tomato roots2020-12-31SZTE
Tamás Monostori
Csaba Vágvölgyi
Application of microbe-based foliar plant conditioners prepared by using nanotechnology in crop production2020-12-31SZTE
László PajaBiological reconstruction of Bronze Age populations on the Southern Great Hungarian Plain2020-12-31SZTE
Tibor PankotaiMolecular characterization of the DNA damage induced repair and cellular response pathways2020-12-31SZTE
Tamás Papp
Gábor Nagy
Studies on opportunistic pathogenic fungi2020-12-31SZTE
András SzekeresMetabolomical investigation of endophytic fungi2020-12-31SZTE
András SzekeresInvestigation of novel secondary metabolites from bacteria2020-12-31SZTE
Miklós Takó
Judit Krisch
Enrichment and testing of bioactive natural compounds in food commodities2020-12-31SZTE
Csaba TölgyesiNewly establishing, potentially invasive plants - trait-based ecological evaluation, risk assessment and developing preventive measures2020-12-31SZTE
Beáta Tóth
Csaba Vágvölgyi
Microbiological and mycotoxin contamination research of cereals2020-12-31SZTE
Csaba Vágvölgyi
Miklós Takó
Identification and characterization of new biotechnologically important microbial exoenzymes2020-12-31SZTE
Csaba Vágvölgyi
Tamás Papp
Host-pathogen interactions of opportunistic pathogenic filamentous fungi2020-12-31SZTE
Orsolya Valkó
Zoltán Bátori
Vertical distribution of soil seed bank in open habitats and implications for restoration2020-12-31SZTE
Mónika Varga
Zsuzsanna Hamari
Role of melanin in virulence and competition ability of fungi2020-12-31SZTE
László VécseiPathomechanism of neurological disorders: experimental and clinical studies2020-12-31SZTE
Zoltán VillányiDetection and targeting translation defects in tumour cells2020-12-31SZTE
Ernő ZádorSkeletal muscle differentiation and adaptation2020-12-31SZTE
Attila BoricsInvestigation of the mechanism of function of G protein-coupled transmembrane receptors in atomic details2020-12-31SZBK
Mária Anna Deli
Fruzsina Walter
Investigation the relationship of brain organoids with cellular members of the neurovascular unit in novel microelectronic lab-on-a-chip devices2020-12-31SzBK
Elek Attila FarkasRole of endothelial precursor cells in the regeneration of brain microvessels2020-12-31SzBK
Lajos HaracskaDrug development via the identification of small molecule inhibitors of mutagenesis and carcinogenesis2020-12-31SzBK
Lajos HaracskaMolecular analysis of carcinogenesis and mutagenesis2020-12-31SzBK
Lajos HaracskaNext-generation DNA and RNA sequencing and their employment in the molecular diagnostics of diseases2020-12-31SzBK
Lajos HaracskaStudying DNA repair2020-12-31SzBK
Lajos HaracskaStudying genes that have a role in maintaining genome stability via Crisper/Cas9 and RNA-interference-based gene silencing2020-12-31SzBK
Lajos HaracskaBioinformatic developments for the analysis of next-generation sequencing data2020-12-31SzBK
Ferenc JankovicsFunctional analysis of the small ovary (sov) gene in Drosophila2020-12-31SzBK
Gábor (ELTE ASFT) JuhászAnalysis of autophagy and endocytosis2020-12-31SzBK
Péter KalóGenetic analysis of symbiotic nitrogen fixation using the M. truncatula-Sinorhizobium model system2020-12-31SzBK
Attila KeresztGene-for-gene interactions in the medicago truncatula-sinorhizobium meliloti symbiosis2020-12-31SzBK
Attila KeresztInvestigation of nodule-specific peptides in Medicago-Sinorhizobium symbiosis2020-12-31SzBK
Bálint KintsesAiding the Development of Anti-virulence Therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease by Evaluating Risks Related to Resistance Evolution2020-12-31SzBK
Éva KondorosiThe role of NCR peptides in symbiosis2020-12-31SzBK
István KrizbaiRole of the neurovascular unit in inflammatory processes of the central nervous system2020-12-31SzBK
István KrizbaiRole of the neurovascular unit in brain metastasis formation2020-12-31SzBK
Zoltán LipinszkiDissecting the mitotic role of PP2A-like protein phosphatases in fruit flies2020-12-31SzBK
Gergely MarótiComparative investigation of the antimicrobial and biostimulant effects of various green algae2020-12-31SzBK
László NagyFunctional and comparative genomics of biotechnologically important fungal traits2020-12-31SzBK
Milán Szabó
Imre Vass
The role and significance of cyclic electron transport in microalgae2020-12-31SzBK
Gábor János SzebeniHigh resolution analysis of biological samples using single cell mass cytometry2020-12-31SzBK
Erzsébet Melinda TóthInvestigating the protective role of Hsp27 in cardio- and cerebrovascular dysfunctions in transgenic mouse models2020-12-31SzBK
Bettina UghyControl of cyanobacterial cell division2020-12-31SzBK
Attila Gergely VéghNano-scale dynamics of cellular mechanobiology2020-12-31SzBK
András Viczián
Dániel Silhavy
Operation of plant quality control systems and the light regulation in plants2020-12-31SzBK
Péter VilmosExploration of the nuclear function of the actin-binding Moesin protein2020-12-31SzBK
Imola WilhelmPericytes in the center stage of neurovascular functions2020-12-31SzBK
Imola WilhelmRole of the blood-brain barrier and cerebral microenvironment in the formation of metastases of the central nervous system2020-12-31SzBK

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