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Zsolt BagosiThe actions of neuropeptides on neurohormones and neurotransmitters2018-05-31PATHP
Zsolt BagosiThe actions of addictive drugs on neurohormones and neurotransmitters2018-05-31PATHP
Lóránd KissThe role of pancreatic ductal CFTR Cl- channel in acute pancreatitis2018-05-15PATHP
Márta GálfiMethods of the neuroendocrine research2018-05-15KBIOL
Antal NógrádiInvestigation of a new motoneuron disease model: the role of PRMT82018-05-15ANAT
Antal NógrádiThe role of endogen progenitors in spinal cord regeneration2018-05-15ANAT
László CzakóHyperlipidemia induced acute pancreatitis2018-05-15in1st
László CzakóNew therapeutic approaches in acute pancreatitis2018-05-15in1st
László CzakóMicrobiome in gastrointestinal disorders2018-05-15IN1ST
László CzakóEndoscopic ultrasonography-guided tumor therapy2018-05-15in1st
László CzakóTherapeutic ERCP2018-05-15IN1ST
Richárd RókaClinical and experimental evaluation of functional gastrointestinal disorders2018-05-15in1st
Richárd RókaClinical and experimental evaluation of gastrointestinal motility disorders2018-05-15in1st
Richárd RókaCharacteristics of Helicobacter pylori infection in Hungary2018-05-15in1st
András RosztóczyClinical and experimental evaluation of gastrointestinal motility disorders2018-05-15in1st
András RosztóczyCharacteristics of Helicobacter pylori infection in Hungary2018-05-15in1st
András RosztóczyClinical and experimental evaluation of funtional gastrointestinal disorders2018-05-15in1st
Botond PenkeMolecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases2018-05-15OVI
Melinda PirityUtilising induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells to study neural developmen2018-05-15BRCGE
Melinda PirityElucidating the role of an epigenetic master regulator in neural fate commitment of stem cells2018-05-15BRCGE
József ToldiNeuroprotection with triptophane metabolites2018-05-15BIOL
József ToldiNeuroprotection with glutamate scavengers2018-05-15BIOL
Zoltán ifj RakonczayInvestigation of pancreatic bicarbonate and fluid secretion2018-05-15PATPH
Zoltán ifj RakonczayInvestigation of experimental acute pancreatitis2018-05-15PATPH
Zoltán ifj RakonczayMorphology and function of gastrointestinal epithelial cells2018-05-15PATPH
Gyula SzabóEffect of neuropeptides to algesia2018-05-15PATPH
Gyula SzabóEffect of experimental alcohol tolerance to the neuroadaptive processes of central nervous system2018-05-15PATPH
Gyula SzabóModulation of drug tolerance and addiction with neuropeptides2018-05-15PATPH
Viktória VengloveczThe role of ion transport mechanisms in the inflammatory diseases of the esophagus2018-05-15FFI
Viktória VengloveczRelationship between diabetes and cystic fibrosis2018-05-15FFI
Viktória VengloveczInvestigation of intracellular pathway mechanisms which are play role in development of acute pancreatitis2018-05-15FFI
Viktória VengloveczThe role of mucin in the pathomechanism of pancreatic cancer2018-05-15FFI
Szilvia VeszelkaExamination of nanoparticles on models of blood-brain cell cultures2018-05-15BRC
Mária DuxPeptidergic mechanisms in the pathophysiology of headaches.2018-05-15PHYS
Gyula SáryRehabilitation of neurological diseases by virtual reality2018-05-15PHYS
Gyula SáryElectrophysiological examination of the mammalian visual system2018-05-15PHYS

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