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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine

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Tibor VargaThe role of licit and illicit drugs in traffic accidents2020-07-17IGORV
Tibor VargaThe role of alcoholic impairment in traffic2020-07-17IGORV
Róbert SeppGenetic analysis of familial heart muscle diseases.2020-07-17BEL2
Zoltán BajoryCirculatory based pathology of the urogenital organs2020-07-17UROL
Zoltán BajoryUrological infectology2020-07-17UROL
József SókiExamination of the antibiotic resistance mechanisms of anaerobic pathogens by molecular methods2020-07-17MIKRO
Pál BarzóThe role of functional MRI and DWI imaging (modalities) in neurosurgical and neurological disorders.2020-07-17IDSEB
Pál BarzóModern treatment of severe traumatic brain injury (TBI)2020-07-17IDSEB
Péter József TóthTraumatic brain injury-induced cerebrovascular dysfunction in animal models and humans2020-07-17IDSEB
Judit DeákThe role of climate changing in the development of infectious diseases2020-07-17KliMi
Katalin Sas
Norbert Jeszenői
Use and attitudes to non-conventional methods in neurology care2020-07-17NEUR
Krisztián Sisák
Kálmán Tóth
Characterization of soft tissue injury during lower limb arthroplastry using DAMPs2020-07-17NEUR
Oguz KelemenVisual and cognitive processes in schizophrenia2020-07-17MagTu
Béla KövesModern prevention of urinary tract infections2020-07-17JAHN
Péter Tenke
Béla Köves
The methods of minimizing iatrogenic infections2020-07-17Jahn
Márk AntalSynergy between Tobacco Smoking and Periodontitis in Systemic Diseases2020-07-17FOG
Kinga TurzóRole of the microstructure of implant surfaces and surface modifications enhancing osseointegration2020-07-17FOG
József Géza KissCochlear implantation, electrophisyological investigation2020-07-17FÜL
László RovóTechnological development of new microsurgical technics and methods in airway surgery2020-07-17FÜL
Zoltán János VerébStem cell based bioengineered cartilage constructs for the investigation of biological treatment in Rheumatoid Arthritis2020-07-17BŐR
Tamás MolnárInflammatory Bowel Diseases2020-07-171BEL
József FurákResearch of thoraric surgical and its border fields diseases2020-07-17SEB
Erika VörösModern neuroimaging2020-07-17RADIO
Tibor NyáriInvestigation of the role of human papilloma virus in cervical carcinoma2020-07-17OrFiz
József Furák
Farkas Sükösd
Assessment of the Clinically Value of Intraoperative Molecular Monitoring Techniques for Surgical Resection Margin Observation Involving Liquide Biopsy2020-07-17PATH
Emőke Endreffy
Zoltán Novák
Molecular biologycal and genetical assays in the diagnostic and treatment of paediatric diseases2020-07-17GYERM
Krisztina KapornaiBiobehavioral inflexibility and juvenile onset major depression2020-07-17Gyerm
Enikő KissPediatric depression and cardiac risk factors.2020-07-17GYERM
Zsolt László DatkiIn vivo catabolism of Alzheimer’s disease specific beta-amyloid in Philodina acuticornis2020-07-17PSZIC
Zsolt László DatkiGastrointestinal motility in different psychiatric disorders2020-07-17Pszic
Réka SzakácsGlutamatergic neurotransmission in mental disorders2020-07-17PSZIC
Réka SzakácsGlutamatergic neurotransmission in mental disorders2020-07-17PSZIC
Réka SzakácsNeuropsychiatric aspects of the morphofunctional organisation of the hippocampus2020-07-17PSZIC
Sándor Pintér
Andrea Domján
Prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal deficits2020-07-17TRAUM
András GaramiThe role of transient receptor potential ion channels and neuropeptids in the regulation of complex energy balance2020-07-17IBEL
András GaramiInvestigation of the mediators of systemic inflammation in different animal models2020-07-17IBEL
Eszter HegyiMechanism of genetic risk in chronic pancreatitis2020-07-17IBEL
Péter Hegyi
Balázs Németh
Investigation of the pathomechanism of pancreatic diseases2020-07-17IBEL
Balázs NémethGenetics of Pancreatitis2020-07-17IBEL
Andrea Párniczky
Péter Hegyi
Genetic analysis of pediatric pancreatitis. The APPLE (Analysis of pediatric pancreatitis) multicentric, multinational, observational clinical trial2020-07-17IBEL
Patrícia SarlósThe impact of genotype on the phyenotype of inflammatory bowel diseases2020-07-17IBEL
Imre László SzabóNon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug-induced gastrointestinal damage2020-07-17IBEL
Andrea Ildikó Szentesi
Péter Hegyi
Lifestyle, prevention and risk of acute pancreatitis. Prospective, multicentre observational case control study (LIFESPAN)2020-07-17IBEL
Tamás BenderEvidence Based Physiotherapy2020-07-17ORTO
Petra Hartmann
Endre Varga
Modern therapeutic strategy for polytrauma patients including education and monitoring of therapeutic efficacy2020-07-17SEBM
Petra Hartmann
Endre Varga
Investigation of the pathomechanism and therapeutic possibilities in joint inflammation2020-07-17SEBM
András MihályPathomechanisms of neurodegeneration in epilepsy2020-07-17ANAT
András MihályPathomechanisms of neurodegeneration in epilepsy2020-07-17ANAT
Tamás BitóContraception2020-07-17NŐGY
György Bártfai
Tamás Bitó
Preservation of reproductive health - a holistic approach2020-07-17SZÜL
Tamás BitóDiabetes and pregnancy2020-07-17SZÜL
Zoltán KozinszkyQuestionnaires studies focusing on infertility and pregnancy.2020-07-17SZÜL
Zoltán KozinszkyContraceptive behaviour in Hungary.2020-07-17SZÜL
Zoltán KozinszkyPathologic pregnancies: specific interventions, sonographic characteristics, pregnancy outcome2020-07-17SZÜL
Andrea Surányi
Gábor Németh
The investigation of fetoplacental system by ultrasound.2020-07-17SZÜL
László SeresInvestigation of epidemiology and effect of medication related osteonecrosis of the jaw on the quality of life2020-07-17ARCÁL
Márk Tibor FráterFibre-reinforced biomimetic direct and indirect restorations2020-07-17FOK
Márk Tibor Fráter
Márk Antal
Evaluating the success of endodontic microsurgical proceduresin vitro and in vivo2020-07-17FOK
Anikó MarázComplex oncological treatment of malignant tumors2020-07-17ONKO
Edit Tóth-MolnárPhysiology and pathophysiology of the lacrimal gland. Pharmacological modulation of tear secretion2020-07-17SZEM
Gergely Ágoston
Albert Varga
Cardiovascular manifestation of the autoimmune diseases2020-07-17CSAL
Gergely ÁgostonStress induced pulmonary hypertension2020-07-17CSAL
Gergely Ágoston
Albert Varga
Assessment of the heart failure with different echocardiographic modalities2020-07-17CSAL
László Pajor
Farkas Sükösd
Mathematical Description the Quality of Surgical Resection and Its Clinical Importance2020-07-17Patho
Pál BarzóThe importance of cerebral vasoreactivity in different central nervous system diseases.2020-07-17IDEG
Kálmán Tóth
Krisztián Sisák
Experimental and clinical examination of the musculosceletal system.2020-07-17ORT
Kornél Kovács
Kinga Turzó
Interaction between bacteria and biomaterials in the oral cavity2020-07-17BIOTE
Péter KlivényiNovel therapeutics in neurodegenerative disorders.2020-07-17NEURO
Levente SzalárdyAssessment of biomarkers and pathogenic pathways in neurodegenerative diseases of the central nervous system2020-07-17NEURO
Délia SzokEffect of hormonal contraception to the primary headache disorders2020-07-17NEURO
Délia SzokEmotional perception and communication in pain syndromes2020-07-17NEURO
Pálma BenedekThe evaluation, surgical and conservative treatments of Sleep Disorders2020-07-17HEIMP

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