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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Interdisciplinary Medicine

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Anita Varga-BogdanovAntichlamydial compounds and processes2024-12-31OMIKR
Katalin BuriánRole of cytokines and chemokines in chlamydia infections2024-12-31OMMI
Oguz Kelemen
Dávid Pócs
Behavioral Science Perspectives for Facebook-based Smoking Cessation Interventions2024-12-31Behsc
Zoltán VargaNew radiotherapy procedures for the treatment of cancer patients2024-12-31ONKO
Zoltán Varga3D printing for radiotherapy2024-12-31ONKO
Györgyi FerencUse of chemically modified oligonucleotides for in site-specific mutagenesis and targeted dna-methylation in vivo2024-12-31NSZL
Ferenc Somogyvári
József Sóki
Investigation of antimicrobial resistance mechanisms of clinically important aerobic and anaerobic human pathogenic bacteria2024-12-31BelK.
Lajos HaracskaStudying directed differentiation and senescence of mesenchymal stem cells2024-12-31SZBK
István SzendiSelective and indicated secondary prevention of psychotic spectrum disorders2024-12-31PSZIC
István SzendiMental state screening of the health care professionals working in the frontline of COVID-19 pandemic, and the role of the music therapy in restoring their mental health2024-12-31PSZIC
Valéria EndrészAtherogen effect of Chlamydia pneumoniae; preventive measures2024-12-31SZTE
Edit PaulikHeath status, quality of life and health behavior of various populations (youth, chronic patients, etc.)2024-12-31SZTE
Balázs NémethHereditary gastrointestinal diseases2024-12-31BELK
Ákos CsonkaClinical features atipcal femoral fractures2024-12-31TRAUM
Ákos CsonkaInhibition of efflux pumps in cancer chemotherapy2024-12-31TRAUM
Tibor NyáriInvestigation of trends in mortality rates from external causes in Hungary2024-12-31OFOII
Ferenc PetákCharacterization of the changes in the respiratory function in modells of systemic and pulmonary diseases2024-12-31OFOII
Ferenc Peták
Gergely Fodor
Translational investigation of (patho-)physiology of the respiratory system2024-12-31OFOII
Ferenc Peták
Barna Babik
Characterization of the epidemiological background of heart diseases2024-12-31OFOII
Tibor KalmárIdentification of genetic causes of congenital malformation syndromes2024-12-31GYERM
Edit NagyBalance rehabilitation and preventive balance trainings2024-12-31FIZIO
Zoltán BaráthFogászati implantátumok élettartamát meghatározó tényezők vizsgálata2024-12-31FOK
Anette StájerSocial determinants of oral health and health behavior2024-12-31FOK
Norbert Buzás
Orsolya Papp-Zipernovszky
The role of health behaviour and technology acceptance in the therapy management and therapeutical efficacy of diabetic patients2024-12-31ÁOK
Margit Pál
Márta Széll
Genetic background of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis2024-12-31Gen
Tibor PankotaiMapping the connection between DNA repair and tumorigenesis2024-12-31FOKOR
Tibor PankotaiDevelopment of new generation serum based tumor diagnostics2024-12-31FOKOR
Mária Barnai
István Kósa
Development of Telerehabilitation Technologies2024-12-31ORFMT
Tamás Beöthe
Tibor Pankotai
Molecular profiling of urologic cancers2024-12-31Path
Tamás VárkonyiAssessment of the decisive factors in the prevention of the development and the progrewion of polyneuropathy in endocrine disorders2024-12-31Bel.K
Tamás VárkonyiAssessment of the decisive factors in the prevention of the development and the progrewion of polyneuropathy in endocrine disorders2024-12-31Bel.K
Edit HajdúA new approach of neuroinfections2024-12-31BelKl
Andrea DomjánImproving neuromuscular efficacy by reactivating the local stabilizers of the cervical and lumbar spine.2024-12-31ETSZK
Gábor Nagy-GróczInteraction of different forms of exercise with migraine and the endocrine system2024-12-31EEMT
Katalin BuriánEffects of vitamin D in of infectious diseases2024-12-31OMI
Klára MegyeriThe role of cytokines and cell death subroutines in diseases with complex pathogenic mechanism2024-12-31OMI
Klára MegyeriFeatures, mechanisms and medical importance of cell death subroutines.2024-12-31OMI
Klára MegyeriTherapeutic application of viruses in the treatment of cancer2024-12-31OMI
Gabriella SpenglerReversal of multidrug resistance in various tumor cell lines2024-12-31OMI
Dezső VirókIn vitro and in vivo identification of anti-chlamydial substances2024-12-31OMI
Zsuzsanna MátéHealth effects of climate change2024-12-31Puhe
Regina MolnárSociocultural aspects of acculturation2024-12-31Puhe
Edit Paulik
Hajnalka Orvos
Health status, lifestyle and health literacy of pregnant women2024-12-31PUHE
Edit PaulikThe role of nutritional status and nutritional therapy in the treatment of surgical patients2024-12-31PUHE
Edit Paulik
Regina Molnár
Health behavior of international students and related factors2024-12-31PUHE
István SzendiStress reduction with biofeedback methods2024-12-31Psych
Dóra Tombácz
Zsolt Boldogkői
Pál Barzó
Lívia Ivaskó
Tacking brain representation of Hungarian foreing languages during the early learning period of children2024-12-31Neuro
Sándor András SzabóCauses of Sudden Incapacitation During Flight (In-flight), Countermeasures, Preventive Protocols (Design and Development)2024-12-31ASMF
Zsolt Boldogkői
Dóra Tombácz
Analysis of transcriptional interference networks.2024-12-31Mdbio
Dóra TombáczThe effect of the lifestyle of the microbiome2024-12-31MdBio
Dóra Tombácz
Zsolt Csabai
Research of microbes using genomics and gene technology approach2024-12-31MdBio
Krisztina Buzás
Mária Harmati
Dynamics of small extracellurar vesicle-mediated communication in the tumor2024-12-31Immun
Oguz Kelemen
Edina Kőrösiné Horváth
Measuring of socio-cultural patterns of sexual health2024-12-31MAGPU
Zsuzsanna KahánTherapeutic sensitivity of cancers2024-12-31ONCO
Éva Kereszty
Róbert Sepp
Sudden cardiac death in forensic medicine practice: difficulties in differential diagnostics2024-12-31IOI
Attila BalogExtra-articular manifestations in systemic autoimmune diseases2024-12-31RIK
Péter HorváthDeveloping intelligent microscopy systems2024-12-31BRC
Norbert BuzásExaminantion of the decision making behaviour in healthcare professonial selection and loyalty among patients receiving medical care”)2024-12-31EgGaz
Anikó PósaModerate exercise training attenuates aging-induced cardiövascular disease2024-12-31Fogk
József SókiMolecular investigation of the antibiotic resistance and virulence mechanisms of the clinically important Bacteroides and Clostridioides difficile species2024-12-31KMDI
Gabriella TerhesInvestigation of epidemiology, pathogenesis and laboratory diagnosis of viral and bacterial infections2024-12-31KMDI
Zoltán Baráth
Éva Kereszty
Forensic aspects of oral injuries2024-12-31STOMA
Lajos HaracskaStudying the associations between microbial patterns in the human gut flora and diseases via microbiome analysis2024-12-31HCEMM
Lőrinc Sándor PongorIntegrative Genomic and Epigenomic Analysis of Small Cell Lung Cancer Evolution2024-12-31HCEMM
Lőrinc Sándor PongorIdentifying novel patient subgroups by integrating genomics and epigenetics data2024-12-31HCEMM
Nikoletta Nagy
Márta Széll
Investigations of phenotype modifier factors in rare diseases2024-12-31OGEN
Margit Pál
Márta Széll
Investigation and identification the genetic factors involved in COVID-19 disease progression2024-12-31Ogen

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