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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Interdisciplinary Medicine

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Gyula TálosiRole of Hygiene in clinical care.2018-05-15GYK
Zsolt BoldogkőiTranscriptional analysis of herpesviruses2018-05-15OBI
Katalin BuriánThe role of innate immunity in chlamydial infections2018-05-15OMI
Katalin BuriánRole of cytokines and chemokines in chlamydial diseases2018-05-15OMI
Katalin BuriánBacterial and viral interactions2018-05-15OMI
Katalin BuriánEffects of vitamin D in the pathomechanism of infectious diseases2018-05-15OMI
Klára MegyeriThe molecular mechanism of virotherapy using vesicular stomatitis virus2018-05-15OMI
Klára MegyeriThe role of cytokines and cell death subroutines in diseases with complex pathogenic mechanism2018-05-15OMI
Klára MegyeriUse of viruses in cancer therapy2018-05-15OMI
József MolnárInvestigation of the mechanism of action of cisplatine resistance in various cell lines (endometrial, ovarial, testicular carcinoma)2018-05-15OMI
József MolnárInvestigation of quorum sensing and biofilm production2018-05-15OMI
József MolnárInhibition of multidrug resistance and apoptosis by using benzofuran and conjugated dienone derivatives in different tumours2018-05-15OMI
Ferenc SomogyváriGenetic background of neurological diseases2018-05-15OMI
Gabriella SpenglerReversal of multidrug resistance in various tumor cell lines2018-05-15OMI
Gabriella SpenglerThe role of multidrug efflux pumps in the virulence of bacteria2018-05-15OMI
Zoltán Szolnokimolecular and clinical mechanisms in neurology2018-05-15OMI
Dezső VirókIn vitro and in vivo identification of anti-chlamydial substances2018-05-15OMI
Dezső VirókMicroarray analyses in chlamydial diseases2018-05-15OMI
Attila BalogThe role of adaptive immune system in immune-mediated rheumatic diseaes2018-05-15SZTE
Valéria EndrészAtherogen effect of Chlamydia pneumoniae; preventive measures2018-05-15SZTE
András PappNeurotoxicological effects of environmental xenobiotics2018-05-15SZTE
Edit PaulikHeath status, quality of life and health behavior of various populations (youth, chronic patients, etc.)2018-05-15SZTE
Ferenc SomogyváriInvestigation of immune response in sepsis2018-05-15SZTE
Ferenc Somogyvári
Zoltán Szolnoki
Genetic background of ischaemic cardiological diseases2018-05-15SZTE
Tünde VezérInvestigation of neurobiological and behavioural toxicological effects of heavy metals2018-05-15SZTE
László NagymajtényiNanoparticles in the macro- and micro environment: health damaging effects and their prevention2018-05-15PUHE
Edit PaulikTheory and practice of supporting smoking cessation in the health care2018-05-15PUHE
Andrea SzabóThe role of environmental xenobiotics and life style in the development of diseases2018-05-15PUHE
Ákos CsonkaInhibition of efflux pumps in cancer chemotherapy2018-05-15TRAUM
Ákos CsonkaPrevention and treatment options of surgical site infection2018-05-15TRAUM
Ferenc PetákCharacterization of the changes in the respiratory function in modells of systemic and pulmonary diseases2018-05-15OFOII
Edit HajdúEvaluation of antibiotic consumption and their influence to antibiotic resistance of bacteria.2018-05-15IN1st
Edit HajdúSurvey and prevention of nosocomial infections.2018-05-15IN1st
Attila BalogBiomarkers and cellular activation mechanisms in systemic autoimmune diseases.2018-05-15REUMA
József SókiThe genetic background and regulation of antibiotic resistance2018-05-15KMDI
Edit UrbánDiagnosis of bacterial STI pathogens2018-05-15KMDI
Zsuzsanna KahánIndividualized therapy in medical oncology and radiotherapy2018-05-15ONKO
Zsuzsanna KahánThe role of potassium channels in the progression of cancer, and the possibilities of their blockade2018-05-15ONKO
Zsuzsanna KahánAutocrine, paracrine and endocrine mechanisms in radiogenic heart damage2018-05-15ONKO
Zoltán VargaNovel radiotherapy methods in the treatment of cancer patients2018-05-15ONKO
Zoltán VargaNew experimental methods in radiation therapy2018-05-15ONKO
Zoltán Baráth
Éva Kereszty
Forensic aspects of oral injuries2018-05-15STOMA
János KarsaiSpatio-temporal mathematical and statistical modeling of epidemiological processes; theoretical and experimental study of models, prevention using real-life data.2018-05-15OIFI
Mária BarnaiAssessment of risk factors of the metabolic syndrome2018-05-15ETSZK
Zsolt Boldogkői
Dóra Tombácz
Analysis of Transcriptional Interference Networks (TINs)2018-05-15MBIO
Zsolt Boldogkői
Dóra Tombácz
Genetic analysis of complex diseases: a: suicide/depression b: type 2 diabetes, obesity2018-05-15MBIO
Dóra Tombácz
Zsolt Boldogkői
Analysis of Transcriptional Interference Networks of a Herpesvirus2018-05-15MBIO
Dóra Tombácz
Zsolt Boldogkői
Genetic analysis of complex diseases: a: suicide/depression b: insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, obesity2018-05-15MBIO

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