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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Multidisciplinary Medical Scienses

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András LovasAlevolar recruitment in hypoxic repsiratory failure2020-08-14AITI
István BaczkóAtrial fibrillation, heart failure, mechanisms of verticular cardiac arrhythmias, sudden cardiac death, cardiac electrophysiology, proarrhythmic effects of drugs, myocard2020-08-14ÁOK
Zsolt BoldogkőiGene transfer with intelligent viral vectors2020-08-14ÁOK
Mihály BorosClinical and experimental analyses of mitochondrium-drug interactions in gastrointestinal diseases2020-08-31ÁOK
Tamás Bálint CsontThe role of extracellular matrix proteins and proteoglycans in cardiac stress adaptation2020-08-14ÁOK
László DuxStandardization and quality control of macromolecular assays in pathobiochemistry, clinical biochemistry2020-08-14ÁOK
Róbert GáspárInvestigation of the obesity-induced alteration in uterine contractility in pregnant rat model2020-08-14ÁOK
Róbert GáspárInvestigation of the responses of gastrointestinal smooth muscle to different stress and pathophysiological processes by electromyography2020-08-14ÁOK
Róbert GáspárInvestigation of tocolytic drugs and drug targets2020-08-14ÁOK
Róbert GáspárInvestigation of the sex differences in metabolism by liver perfusion method2020-08-14ÁOK
Anikó GörbeTesting of protective effect and the relating intracellular signaling pathways of potential cardioprotective molecules on cell-based models in vitro2020-08-14ÁOK
Petra HartmannExamining the effect of methane on ischemia-reperfusion-induced mitochondrial dysfunction2020-08-31ÁOK
Anikó Keller-PintérInvestigation of signalling pathways regulating muscle growth and differentiation2020-08-14ÁOK
Péter Légrády
György Ábrahám
Investigation of subclinical target organ damages and cardiac autonomic function in hypertensive and normotensive individuals2020-08-14ÁOK
Péter LégrádyInvestigation of cardiac autonomic neuropathy in conditions with high cardiovascular risk2020-08-14ÁOK
Zoltán MarótiBionformatic analysis of whole genome sequences of archaic samples2020-08-31ÁOK
Mátyás MinkDrosophila model of human type IV collagenopathy; translational research, development and invention2020-08-14ÁOK
Balázs ÖrdögPathomechanisms of inherited cardiac arrhythmias2020-08-14ÁOK
János ProrokInvestigation of the role of disturbed Ca2+ homeostasis in the genesis of the various cardiac arrhythmias2020-08-14ÁOK
Gergő SzűcsEndogenous and exogenous cardioprotective mechanisms in metabolic diseases2020-08-14ÁOK
Dóra TombáczUsing OMICS approach for the analysis of viral gene expression2020-08-14ÁOK
András VarróCellular and subcellular mechanism of the cardioactive drugs in the heart2020-08-31ÁOK
Viktória VengloveczEstablishment and characterization of mice and human esophageal organoids under physiological and pathophysiological conditions2020-08-14ÁOK
László VirágStudy of cardiac repolarization process2020-08-14ÁOK
Mónika Csontné KiricsiImmunomodulatory effects of nanoparticles in the tumor microenvironment2020-08-14TTIK
Csaba PálDeciphering evolutionary processes behind antibiotic resistance by novel tools in Synthetic Biology2020-08-14BRC
Dániel Érces
Gabriella Varga
Influencing the macrohemodynamic, microcirculatory and inflammatory consequences of cardiac tamponade by methane inhalation2020-08-14SMI
Gabriella Varga
Dániel Érces
Effects of complement C5a inhibitor therapy on macro- and microcirculatory disturbances in experimental models of non-occlusive mesenteric ischemia2020-08-14SMI
István BaczkóMechanisms of drug-induced proarrhythmic adverse effects2020-08-14SZTE
István BaczkóMechanisms and novel pharmacological treatment options in atrial fibrillation2020-08-14SZTE
Andrea OroszAnalysis of temporal instability of cardiac ventricular repolarization in subjects with different clinical conditions2020-08-14SZTE
Ferenc PetákCardiorespiratory interactions in the pathomechanism of pulmonary diseases2020-08-14SZTE
Ernő ZádorFactors regulating skeletal muscle remodelling2020-08-14SZTE
Ernő ZádorExploring signal pathways with the help of transgenic skeletal muscle2020-08-14SZTE
Tamás FehérUncovering the evolutionary- and biotechnological potential of bacterial mobile genetic elements2020-08-14SZBK
Elfrieda FodorConformational diseases; study of the role of cellular prion proteins2020-08-14SZBK
Lóránd KelemenApplication of optical tweezers to study single live cell surfaces2020-08-14SZBK
Lajos MátésGenetic instability as the driver of carcinogenesis2020-08-14SZBK
Pál OrmosSingle particle manipulation by laser tweezers2020-08-14SZBK
Tibor Páli
Zoltán Kóta
Protein folding and assembly in biomembranes2020-08-14SZBK
Tibor PáliFree radicals and spin traps in the human body2020-08-14SZBK
Tibor Páli
Zoltán Kóta
Biophysical and biochemical studies of yeast vacuolar membranes2020-08-14SZBK
László PuskásFunctional genomics studies of pathological samples2020-08-14SZBK
Sándor ValkaiA logical gate based on an itegrated optical structure with biofilm as an active element2020-08-14SZBK
Attila Gergely VéghMechanobiology of the neurovascular unit in health and disease2020-08-14SZBK
Péter VilmosInvestigation of the nuclear transport and function of the actin-binding Moesin protein2020-08-14SZBK
Péter VilmosInvestigation of the function of nuclear actin2020-08-14SZBK
Ervin WelkerThe role of the prion protein in the progression of transmissible spongiform degenerations2020-08-14SZBK

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