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Róbert AdalbertMechanisms of distal axonal degeneration in long peripheral nerves2020-08-20Anat
Fruzsina AlbertThe analysis of interpersonal relationships and physical/mental health from a sociological perspective2020-12-24SE
Donát AlpárHeterogeneity and evolution of hematopoietic malignancies2020-12-06SE
Balázs Levente AlpekThe functional factors and the territorial characteristics of employability2020-08-31FDI
Balázs Levente AlpekFenntarthatóság területi kérdései2020-08-31FDI
Balázs Levente AlpekLabour market opportunities for disadvantaged groups2020-08-31FDI
Alessandro AncaraniHealth care operations and management2020-12-31SZE
Alessandro AncaraniBEHAVIOURAL OPERATIONS2020-12-31SZE
Alessandro AncaraniProcurement of services and Public sector management and performance2020-12-31SZE
Alessandro AncaraniReshoring and Manufacturing in high cost countries2020-12-31SZE
Zoltán AngyalDevelopment trends of the economic and monetary system, and the internal market of the European Union2020-09-30ÁJK
Miklós AntalMorphology and synaptology of glycinergic neurons in the spinal dorsal horn2020-12-15AI
Péter Antal-SzalmásEvaluation of the antigenicity of anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCA) - identification of novel antigens2020-08-30LMI
Zsuzsanna ÁrvaThe administrative aspects of the education2020-08-21A/220
Ágnes B. TóthArchaeology of the age of the great migration2021-01-02BTK
Attila BácsiMemory-like mechanisms in innate immunity2020-08-30II
Zsolt BacsóRole of ABC transporters in transmigration2020-09-30DEÁOK
Zsolt BacsóRole of ABC transporters in transmigration2020-09-30DEÁOK
István BaczkóMechanisms of drug-induced proarrhythmic adverse effects2020-08-14SZTE
István BaczkóMechanisms and novel pharmacological treatment options in atrial fibrillation2020-08-14SZTE
István BaczkóAtrial fibrillation, heart failure, mechanisms of verticular cardiac arrhythmias, sudden cardiac death, cardiac electrophysiology, proarrhythmic effects of drugs, myocard2020-08-14ÁOK
György BagdyAssociations of disorders, pharmacotherapy and biology using large human databases2020-08-31SE
Zoltán Bagi
Kornél Kovács
Functional understanding and biotechnological exploitation of complex anaerobic microbial communities2020-09-25SZTE
Zsolt BagosiThe actions of neuropeptides on neurohormones and neurotransmitters2020-08-20PATHP
Zsolt BagosiThe actions of addictive drugs on neurohormones and neurotransmitters2020-08-20PATHP
Márta BakuczTourism and the local economy2020-08-31KTK
Károly BalatonStrategic management2020-08-31ME
Károly BalatonStrategic management2020-08-31ME
Károly BalatonAnalysis and development of social innovation2020-08-31ME
Gábor Balázs L.Hishistorical Solitude2020-09-30BTK
Attila BalogBiomarkers and cellular activation mechanisms in systemic autoimmune diseases.2020-08-20REUMA
Ádám BanaiSMEs financing decision and funding structure2020-12-31SZE
Ádám BanaiFinancial dollarization2020-12-31SZE
Ádám BanaiFinancial behaviour of households2020-12-31SZE
Ádám BanaiReal estate market2020-12-31SZE
Orsolya BányaiThe realization of sustainable development goals in the field of energy law2020-08-21C-108
Orsolya BányaiThe realization of sustainable development goals in the field of energy law2020-08-21C-108
Zoltán BaracskaiHow the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Sharing Economy will change the working life of Digital Natives.2020-12-31SZE
Erzsébet BarátEnglish Applied Linguistics2020-09-30BTK
Zoltán Baráth
Éva Kereszty
Forensic aspects of oral injuries2020-08-20STOMA
Gábor BarnaThe exploration, registration and creation of cultural heritage in Hungary, Central and South-Eastern Europe2021-01-02SZTE
Mária Barnai
István Kósa
Development of Telerehabilitation Technologies2020-08-20ORFMT
Attila BartaMajor trends in the transformation of territorial state administration in the European public administration in the 21st century2020-08-21A/220
Judit BartaCommercial law and the European and domestic legal development of the related instruments of the Hungarian pension system2020-09-30ÁJK
Károly BartaThe role of soil moisture in the extreme hydrological situations (drought, inland excess water)2020-12-05SZTE
Károly BartaEffects of the inland excess water retention to the water quality and the soil fertil2020-12-05SZTE
Ildikó BarthaExternal relations of the European Union2020-08-21A/214
Zoltán BarthaThe institutional framework of development2020-08-31ME
Péter BassolaGerman linguistics2020-09-30BTK
Szilvia BátyiFirst language attrition among Arabic speakers in Hungary2020-09-30PE
József BékésiAlgorithm development for scheduling problems2020-09-30SZTE
Mátyás BenczeLegal challenges of globalization2020-08-21B/103
Mátyás BenczeTheoretical background to adjudication2020-08-21B/103
Katalin BeneRunoff Prediction in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions Using Hydrological Models and ANN Techniques2020-10-31SZE
Katalin BeneEvaluation and Management of Water Resources in Arid Regions2020-10-31SZE
Csaba BenedekMobile 3D environment perception with a geospatial database background2020-09-30PPKE
József BenedekRegional inequalities and spatial polarisation2020-08-31ME
Kálmán BenkeMolecular biological background of diseases of the ascending aorta in Marfan syndrome and related disorders2020-11-21SE
Melinda BenkőMiddle Class Mass Housing in Post-Socialist Cities2020-08-31BME
Zoltán BenyóMolecular mechanisms of the regulation of angiogenesis and vascular permeability in malignant tumors2020-10-15SE
Zoltán BenyóMolecular mechanisms of the regulation of angiogenesis and vascular permeability in malignant tumors2020-10-15SE
Zoltán BenyóIntracellular signaling pathways of smooth muscle functions2020-10-15SE
Zoltán BenyóPhysiological and pathophysiological functions of lipid mediators in the cardiovascular system.2020-10-15SE
Ákos BereczkyCombustion process of alternative fuels utilisation in internal combustion engines2020-10-01EGR
Antal BerényiMany neuropsychiatric disorders are coupled with altered, pathologic oscillations at the neuronal network levels, which prevents proper information processing. While the2020-08-20PHYS
Antal BerényiInvestigation of the neuronal network dynamics and > connectivity of the striatum2020-08-20PHYS
László BerényiQuality approach to management2020-08-31ME
Viktor BergerSociology of the online world2020-09-30BTK
Róbert BerkeczAnalysis of lipids, metabolites and designer drugs in biological samples (urine, blood, tissues etc.).2020-08-20OVI
Tibor BertaTheoretical Linguistics2020-09-30BTK
Botond BertókDevelopment of formal data description based software synthesis algorithms and software for multiple programming languages2020-09-30PE
János BesenyőInternet usage of terrorist organizations2020-12-31ÓEBGK
János BesenyőThe practical issues of humanitarian assistance, especially the technical, mechanical and other requirements of establishing refugee camps2020-12-31ÓEBGK
István György BessenyeiThe effect of migration on economic growth2020-08-31KTK
Árpád BeszédesEfficient dependence analysis methods in large-scale, complex architecture software systems2020-09-30SZTE
Árpád BeszédesAnalysis and improvement of software testing processes and artefacts2020-09-30SZTE
Árpád BeszédesAnalysis and improvement of fault diagnostic capabilities of software testing2020-09-30SZTE
Árpád BeszédesReliable measurement and prediction of developer productivity in software development projects2020-09-30SZTE
Árpád BeszédesStatic and dynamic analysis of JavaScript programs2020-09-30SZTE
Árpád BeszédesSoftware fault localization techniques involving context information2020-09-30SZTE
Árpád BeszédesEnhancement of software fault localization using machine learning2020-09-30SZTE
Árpád BeszédesHeuristic detection of equivalent mutants in mutation testing2020-09-30SZTE
Károly BibokRussian Linguistics2020-09-30BTK
Vilmos BilickiResearch of modern domain specific software architectures2020-09-30SZTE
László BodaiInvestigations into the molecular background of proteopathy2020-09-25SZTE
Nikolett BódiRegion-dependent histological and molecular damage in the gut wall affecting the intestinal neuro-immune interactions in the streptozotocin diabetic rats2020-09-25SZTE
Ljudmilla BokányiFinely dispersed solid wastes (metals, plastics, etc.) selective recycling from aqueous environment by physical-chemical separation techniques2020-09-30UM
Ljudmilla BokányiResearch and development of recycling of critical elements from wastes by phisical-vhemical and chemical techniques2020-09-30UM
Ljudmilla BokányiResearch and Development of Environmental Bioprocesses2020-09-30UM
Andrea BölcskeiReligious affiliation and practices of giving Christian names2020-08-26KRE
Andrea BölcskeiAnalysing exonyms2020-08-26KRE
Andrea BölcskeiTerms in early works on (natural) sciences written by Protestant authors2020-08-26KRE
Zsolt BoldogkőiTranscriptional analysis of herpesviruses2020-08-20OBI
Zsolt Boldogkői
Dóra Tombácz
Genetic analysis of complex diseases: a: suicide/depression b: type 2 diabetes, obesity2020-08-20MBIO
Zsolt BoldogkőiGene transfer with intelligent viral vectors2020-08-14ÁOK
Zsolt Boldogkői
Dóra Tombácz
Analysis of Transcriptional Interference Networks (TINs)2020-08-20MBIO
Zsolt Boldogkői
Mátyás Mink
Exploration of the mechanism of action of 4-phenylbutyrate (4 PBA) used in the therapy of human collagenopathy assosiated with the type IV collagen gene mutations with th2020-08-20MDBIO
Judit BorbélyColor and appearance of dental ceramics2021-05-31SE
Attila BoricsInvestigation of interactions, structure-activity relationships and structural mechanisms of function of biomolecules.2020-08-20SZBK
Attila BoricsInvestigation of the mechanism of function of G protein-coupled transmembrane receptors in atomic details2020-09-25SZBK

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