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Enikő A. SajtiHistory of ideas, politics and minorities in the Balkans throughout the 19th and 20th centuries2019-07-31SZTE
István ÁbelIssues of local taxation, enterprise evaluation and performance measurement in global value chains2019-05-31BGE
István ÁbelFirms in a global economy2019-05-31BGE
Balázs AblonczyCultural History in the Interwar Period2019-04-26ELTE
Balázs AblonczyHistory of Hungarians Abroad2019-04-26ELTE
Hajnalka ÁbrahámNeuropathological examination of the tissue surgically removed due to temporal lobe epilepsy2019-05-17ÁOK
Hajnalka ÁbrahámMorphological examination of the developing human cerebral cortex2019-05-17ÁOK
Hajnalka ÁbrahámStudy of the link between pharmaceutical fever and febrile seizure reduction and the prevention of the development of hippocampal sclerosis2019-05-17ÁOK
István ÁbrahámInvestigating of non-classical estrogen action in the brain2019-05-17ÁOK
Péter ÁbrahámStudying the initial conditions for planet formation using infrared interferometry2019-05-31MTA
Péter Ábrahám
Mária Kun
Star formation studies based on the new results of ESA's Gaia mission2019-05-31MTA
András ÁcsJoint effect assessment of micropollutants applying biochemical markers2019-05-30SZIE
Éva ÁcsRelation between functional patterns and environmental variables in the benthic and planktonic algae communities of Hungary’s surface waters2019-05-31MTA
Nándor ÁcsThe effects of maternal illnesses and pharmacological therapies on pregnancy outcome2019-05-31EDI
Nándor ÁcsExamination of etiological factors of fetal developmental anomalies2019-05-31EDI
Péter ÁcsAssessment of cognitive functions in multiple sclerosis2019-05-17ÁOK
Péter ÁcsErgebnisse in der historischen Erforschung der skandinavischen Sprachen2019-04-26ELTE
Péter ÁcsDie neueren Ergebnisse der Erforschung der intersakandinavischen Kommunikation2019-04-26ELTE
Péter ÁcsDie neueren Ergebnisse der Linguistik der zentralen skandinavischen Sprachen (dänisch, schwedisch, norwegisch)2019-04-26ELTE
Pongrác Ács
Gábor Rappai
Micro-and macro-economic effects of physical activity2019-05-31EDI
Pongrác Ács
Dóra Perczel-Forintos
Mindfulness in athletic performance2019-05-31EDI
Pongrác ÁcsThe sports' economic and social relation system2019-05-31EDI
Pongrác Ács
József Betlehem
Relation system of sports and quality of life2019-05-31EDI
Balázs AczélThe role of affects in cognitive control2019-04-23PDI
Balázs AczélMethodological and theoretical research on the questions of the Nudge theory2019-04-23PDI
Balázs ÁdámHealth impact assessment of policies, programmes and projects with effect on the health of the population2019-05-15UDFPH
Anna Adamikné JászóTheory and practice of rhetorical analysis2019-04-26ELTE
Anna Adamikné JászóRhetorical argumentation2019-04-26ELTE
Sándor ÁdányAnalysis of thin-walled structures and structural members by using modal decomposition2019-05-31BMETM
Gergely ÁgostonStress induced pulmonary hypertension2019-07-11CSAL
Gergely Ágoston
Albert Varga
Cardiovascular manifestation of the autoimmune diseases2019-07-11CSAL
Gergely Ágoston
Albert Varga
Assessment of the heart failure with different echocardiographic modalities2019-07-11CSAL
Zoltán AignerIncereasing of bioavailability by cyclodextrin complexation and other technological methods2019-06-17SZTE
Tibor AjtaiInvestigation of microphysical properties of atmospheric and model aerosol2019-07-01SZTE
Tünde AlapiDetection and environmental remediation of persistent organic compounds and their metabolites2019-05-31SZAKT
Tünde AlapiAdditive oxidative water treatment methods for elimination of endocrin disrupting chemicals2019-07-01SZTE
Beáta AlbertRole of WNT pathway in skeletal and cardiac muscle hypertrophy2019-05-31EMTE
Beáta AlbertRole of WNT pathway in IVD degeneration2019-05-31EMTE
Fruzsina AlbertThe analysis of interpersonal relationships and physical/mental health from a sociological perspective2019-05-14SE
Gáspár AlbertApplication of multivariate GIS modelling methods for geotouristic mapping of the Balaton Uplands2019-05-31ELTE
Gáspár AlbertMap reading in Arabic countries: how the cultural differences effects the way people read maps?2019-05-31ELTE
Gáspár AlbertGIS based morphotectonical modeling of the Tokaj-hills (NE Hungary)2019-05-31ELTE
Donát AlpárGenetic abnormalities in plasma cell myeloma2019-05-17ÁOK
Gergely AmbrusPhilosophy of Mind2019-04-26ELTE
Gergely AmbrusThe History of Analytic Philosophy2019-04-26ELTE
Gergely AmbrusAnalytic Ethics2019-04-26ELTE
Rita AmbrusDevelopment of nanotechnological procedures for innovative formulation of poorly water-soluble drugs2019-06-17SZTE
Alessandro AncaraniHealth care operations and management2019-05-31SZE
Alessandro AncaraniBEHAVIOURAL OPERATIONS2019-05-31SZE
Alessandro AncaraniProcurement of services and Public sector management and performance2019-05-31SZE
Alessandro AncaraniReshoring and Manufacturing in high cost countries2019-05-31SZE
István Andó
Gyöngyi Ilona Cinege
A new player in innate immunity: The multinucleated giant blood cell2019-08-31SzBK
György AndrássyHuman Rights, Protection of Minorities, Migration Legal Problems which Affect the Linguistic, Cultural and Religious Future of Humankind2019-06-05AJK
Hajnal Andréka
István Németi
Logic and relativity theory2019-04-26ELTE
Zoltán AngyalDevelopment trends of the economic and monetary system, and the internal market of the European Union2019-05-30ÁJK
Zoltán AngyalDevelopment trends of the economic and monetary system, and the internal market of the European Union2019-05-30ÁJK
Bálint AntalPrediction of biological functions based on representation learning of heterogeneus datasets2019-05-15DE IK
Bálint AntalPrediction of biological functions based on representation learning of heterogeneus datasets2019-05-15DE IK
László AntalTrace element concentrations in different type of diet fish species2019-05-15ÖKO
Márk AntalSynergy between Tobacco Smoking and Periodontitis in Systemic Diseases2019-07-11FOG
Ágnes Antalné SzabóPragmatical analysis of classroom discourse2019-04-26ELTE
Endre AratóThe role of arterial stiffness in cardiovascular prevention and risk evaluation2019-05-31EDI
Endre AratóPrevention methods for vascular and cardiovascular diseases2019-05-31EDI
Annamária ArtnerGlobal accumulation of capital and crisis2019-06-30SOE
Annamária ArtnerSpecificities of the development of (semi-)peripheral countries and the possibility os their catching up2019-06-30SOE
László AszalósDynamic logic2019-05-15DE IK
László AszalósCorrelation clustering2019-05-15DE IK
Tamás Atlasz
Márk Váczi
The effect of physical activiy in different kind of neurodegenerative diseases: biomechanical and molecular biological studies2019-05-31EDI
Ágnes B. TóthArchaeology of the age of the great migration2019-07-31BTK
Anna BabarczyExperimental pragmatics2019-05-31BME
Anna BabarczyThe emergence of pragmatic competence2019-05-31BME
Tamás BácsLate Antique and Early Medieval Art in Egypt2019-04-26ELTE
Béla BacsóTheory and History of Interpretation. Aesthetics, Hermeneutics and Phaenomenology.2019-04-26ELTE
Sándor BácsóGeneralized metrical spaces2019-05-15DE IK
István BaczkóAtrial fibrillation, heart failure, mechanisms of verticular cardiac arrhythmias, sudden cardiac death, cardiac electrophysiology, proarrhythmic effects of drugs, myocard2019-06-15ÁOK
Kata Baditzné PálvölgyiThe morphophonological characteristics of politeness in Spanish dialects2019-04-26ELTE
Kata Baditzné PálvölgyiComparative romance prosody2019-04-26ELTE
Kata Baditzné PálvölgyiComparative romance morphophonology2019-04-26ELTE
Attila BadóFair trial from comparative perspective2019-06-04ÁJTK
Katalin BagiTheoretical and numerical analysis of the statics of Gothic masonry structures2019-05-31EOTM
Katalin BagiThree-dimensional failure modes of masonry barrel vaults2019-05-31BMETM
Zoltán Bagi
Kornél Kovács
Functional understanding and biotechnological exploitation of complex anaerobic microbial communities2019-08-31SZTE
Zsolt BagosiThe actions of neuropeptides on neurohormones and neurotransmitters2019-06-30PATHP
Zsolt BagosiThe actions of addictive drugs on neurohormones and neurotransmitters2019-06-30PATHP
Zsolt BagosiThe interaction between neuropeptides and addictive drugs2019-06-30PATHP
Csaba BagyinkaStructure and function of metal containing proteins2019-06-15SZBK
Zoltán BajmócyThe process aspect of local development2019-05-31SZTE
Zoltán BajmócyResponsible research and innovation: towards transformative practices2019-05-31SZTE
László BajnokInvestigation of fat cells of obese individuals2019-05-17ÁOK
László BajnokImpacts of weight loss on metabolic and vascular parameters2019-05-17ÁOK
Zoltán BajnokFinite size effects in Quantum Field Theories2019-05-31MTA
Zoltán BajoryUrological infectology2019-07-11UROL
Zoltán BajoryCirculatory based pathology of the urogenital organs2019-07-11UROL
Gábor Bajzik
József Ferenczy
Application of modern imaging methods in the field of reconstruction, aesthetic and plastic surgery2019-05-31EDI
Zoltán BakosThe use of transcatheter cryoballoon ablation in equine cadaver and live models2019-05-31ÁTE
Kitti Bakos-KovácsEconomic and legal aspects of consumer protection2019-06-04civil
Kitti Bakos-KovácsProduct safety from viewpoint of economy and law2019-06-04civil
Márta BakuczTourism and the local economy2019-08-31KTK
István BalásClinical application of neuro-pacemakers2019-05-17ÁOK
István BalásSpinal cord stimulation for chronic pain2019-05-17ÁOK

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