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István ÁbelIssues of local taxation, enterprise evaluation and performance measurement in global value chains2024-05-31BGE
István ÁbelFirms in a global economy2024-05-31BGE
Nándor ÁcsExamination of etiological factors of fetal developmental anomalies2024-01-16EDI
Nándor ÁcsThe effects of maternal illnesses and pharmacological therapies on pregnancy outcome2024-01-16EDI
Pongrác ÁcsThe sports' economic and social relation system2024-01-16EDI
Pongrác Ács
József Betlehem
Relation system of sports and quality of life2024-01-16EDI
Pongrác Ács
Dóra Perczel-Forintos
Mindfulness in athletic performance2024-01-16EDI
Pongrác Ács
Viktória Prémusz
Outdoor physical activity and active lifestyle attitude of employees2024-01-16EDI
Pongrác Ács
Gábor Rappai
Micro-and macro-economic effects of physical activity2024-01-16EDI
Róbert AdalbertMechanisms of axon degeneration in ageing and disease2024-01-31Anath
Róbert AdalbertMechanisms of distal axonal degeneration in long peripheral nerves2024-01-31Anat
Anna Adamecz
Krisztián Széll
Inequalities in human capital formation and returns to education (quantitative research using secondary data)2024-05-15NDI
Attila AdamkóAdvanced software architectures and Model-based development methods2024-01-15DE IK
Sándor ÁdányAnalysis of thin-walled structures and structural members by using modal decomposition2023-12-20BMETM
Mária AdorjánLanguage teaching and learning in the digital age2024-05-15PPKE
Mária AdorjánAnalysing English academic discourse2024-05-15PPKE
Mária AdorjánThe English aspects of internationalisation and EMI (in higher education)2024-05-15PPKE
Gergely ÁgostonStress induced pulmonary hypertension2023-12-31CSAL
Gergely Ágoston
Albert Varga
Cardiovascular manifestation of the autoimmune diseases2023-12-31CSAL
Gergely Ágoston
Albert Varga
Assessment of the heart failure with different echocardiographic modalities2023-12-31CSAL
Mohammed Salah Al-RadhiVoice Emotion Transmission Characteristics to Elderly Speech and Hearing-Impaired People2024-01-16TMIT
Mohammed Salah Al-RadhiExplainable AI for Brain-Computer Text-to-Speech Interaction2024-01-16TMIT
Mohammed Salah Al-RadhiExpressive Speech Signal Processing with AI advances2024-01-16TMIT
Tünde AlapiInvestigation of various Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) for elimination of persistent organic substances from waters2024-05-31SZTE
Fruzsina AlbertThe analysis of interpersonal relationships and physical/mental health from a sociological perspective2023-12-31SE
Kornél Tamás AlmássyOptimization methods of the pavement management systems of the city road network2023-12-20BMEUV
Tibor Alpár
József Garab
Design of 3D structures for the creation of high-strength structures from biocomposite material2024-01-10SOE
Rita AmbrusProduction of nanostructured carriers (nanocapsules, nanofibers) for the modern formulation of active substances2024-05-20SZTE
Rita Ambrus
Csilla Balla-Bartos
Optimization the production of nanocrystalline systems, preformulation, formulation2024-05-20SZTE
György AndrássyHuman Rights, Protection of Minorities, Migration Legal Problems which Affect the Linguistic, Cultural and Religious Future of Humankind2023-12-31AJK
Péter AndrékaFactors affecting short -and long term outcome after transcatheter aortic valve implantation2024-05-31SE
Péter AndrékaCardiovascular prevention in Hungary2024-05-31SE
Márk AntalSynergy between Tobacco Smoking and Periodontitis in Systemic Diseases2023-12-31FOG
Ágota ApátiInvestigation of differentation processes in human stem cells2024-06-30OVSZ
Tamás ArányiThe role of epigenetic factors in the regulation of gene expression: the regulation of ABCC6 gene, a cardiovascular risk factor2024-06-30MTA
Endre AratóThe role of arterial stiffness in cardiovascular prevention and risk evaluation2024-01-16EDI
Endre AratóPrevention methods for vascular and cardiovascular diseases2024-01-16EDI
Zsuzsanna ÁrvaThe administrative aspects of the education2024-01-15A/220
Zsófia ÁsványiInnovative work schemes2024-01-31KTK
László AszalósPractical correlation clustering2024-01-15ITDI
Tamás Atlasz
Márk Váczi
The effect of physical activiy in different kind of neurodegenerative diseases: biomechanical and molecular biological studies2024-01-16EDI
Antal Aubert
Katalin Formádi
Sustainable consumption and tourism impacts2024-06-30PE
Péter BabarcziCloud Gaming Ecosystems2024-01-16TMIT
Katinka BacskaiSchool effect in non-public sector2024-01-15MB202
Katinka BacskaiTeachers of Low SES Schools2024-01-15MB202
István BaczkóMechanisms and novel pharmacological treatment options in atrial fibrillation2024-05-31SZTE
István BaczkóAtrial fibrillation, heart failure, mechanisms of verticular cardiac arrhythmias, sudden cardiac death, cardiac electrophysiology, proarrhythmic effects of drugs, myocard2024-05-31ÁOK
István BaczkóMechanisms of drug-induced proarrhythmic adverse effects2023-12-31SZTE
Attila BadóFair trial from comparative perspective2024-05-31ÁJTK
Katalin BagiTheoretical and numerical analysis of the statics of Gothic masonry structures2023-12-20EOTM
Katalin BagiDiscrete element analysis of the mechanics of cracked masonry vaults2023-12-20EOTM
Katalin BagiDiscrete element modelling for regolith behaviour2023-12-20BMETM
Zoltán Bagi
Kornél Kovács
Complex microbial communities in anaerobic environments, microbial interactions2023-12-31SZTE
Zsolt BagolyInvestigations of Gamma-Ray Bursts and transients.2023-12-31ELTE
Zsolt BagosiThe actions of addictive drugs on neurohormones and neurotransmitters2024-01-31PATHP
Zsolt BagosiThe interaction between neuropeptides and addictive drugs2024-01-31PATHP
Zoltán BajmócySustainable local economic development2024-01-31SZTE
Zoltán BajmócyTechnology and sustainability (transformative innovation policy)2024-01-31SZTE
Zoltán BajnokIntegrable aspects of the AdS/CFT duality2023-12-31ELTE
Zoltán BajoryUrological infectology2023-12-31UROL
Zoltán BajoryCirculatory based pathology of the urogenital organs2023-12-31UROL
Gábor Bajzik
József Ferenczy
Application of modern imaging methods in the field of reconstruction, aesthetic and plastic surgery2024-01-16EDI
Miklós BakModification of wood with natural based polymers2024-01-10SOE
Miklós BakImproving wood properties by using nanoparticles2024-01-10SOE
Miklós BakImprovement of the durability of wood using bioextractives from forest byproducts2024-01-10SOE
Gyula BakacsiOrganizational culture and development in SMEs2024-05-31BGE
Gyula BakacsiLeadership and development in SMEs2024-05-31BGE
Izabella Mária BakosThe role of Community Supported Agriculture in rural development2023-12-07MATE
Kitti Bakos-KovácsEconomic and legal aspects of consumer protection2024-05-31civil
Kitti Bakos-KovácsProduct safety from viewpoint of economy and law2024-05-31civil
Márta BakuczNew trends in tourism2024-01-31KTK
István BalajtiIT aspects of state-of-the-art IoT measurement, signal and data processing2024-01-15ITDI
Ildikó BalatoniEqual opportunities and sports2023-12-15DE
Ildikó BalatoniThe impact of globalisation on sporting habits2023-12-15DE
Gábor Balogh
Mária Péter
Lipidmetabolism in tumour development2023-12-31SZBK
György Tibor BaloghDevelopment of Cyclodextrin-based Targeted Drug Delivery Systems2023-12-30SE
László BaloghThe influance of organizational psychology and cultural factors to the achievement of sports teams and sport organizations in the globalization sport2024-01-16EDI
László BaloghThe Optimum Arousal Theroy - to be in the ZONE - the State and the Possibilty of Measuring within Elite and Recreational Sports2024-01-16EDI
Péter BaloghIndian consumer perceptions and purchase behavior toward imperfect foods using Discrete Choice Models2023-12-15DE
Péter BaloghChinese consumer acceptance of cultured meat using Extended TPB model and other preference valuation methods2023-12-15DE
Sándor BaloghPractice and opportunities of prevention in the General Practitioners' routine2024-01-16EDI
Sándor Balogh
Renáta Emese Papp
Research of intergrated health care systems2024-01-16EDI
Sándor BaloghImpact of SARS-COV-2 pandemic of GP care2024-01-16EDI
Sándor Balogh
Csilla Sipeky
Care and primary and secondary prevention of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases2024-01-16EDI
Sándor Balogh
Mihály Hegedűs
Impact of changes in the organisational structure of the Hungarian health care system on health institutions2024-01-16EDI
Katalin Anikó Balogné BércesThe study of foreign-accented Englishes2024-05-15PPKE
Katalin Anikó Balogné BércesForeign accent research2024-05-15PPKE
Katalin Anikó Balogné BércesContact phonology2024-05-15PPKE
Gyula BándiUnderstanding sustainable development for legal point of view2024-01-31PPKE
Bálint BánfaiOpportunities and challenges of first aid education and socialization2024-01-16EDI
Szilvia Bánvölgyi
Viktória Zsomné Muha
Use of agricultural waste and by-products in food production2023-12-07MATE
Orsolya BányaiThe realization of sustainable development goals in the field of energy law2024-01-15C-108
Sándor BaranProbabilistic methods in weather forecasting2024-01-15DE IK
Sándor BaranParameter estimation problems of random fields2024-01-15DE IK
Zoltán Baráth
Éva Kereszty
Forensic aspects of oral injuries2024-01-31STOMA
Zoltán BaráthFogászati implantátumok élettartamát meghatározó tényezők vizsgálata2024-01-31FOK
Tamás Barcsi
Zoltánné Tigyi
Role of communication in the health care system2024-01-16EDI
Tamás Barcsi
Szabolcs Urbán
Psychological and Spiritual Healthcare in Philosophy and Health Sciences2024-01-16EDI
Mária Barnai
István Kósa
Development of Telerehabilitation Technologies2024-01-31ORFMT
Attila BartaMajor trends in the transformation of territorial state administration in the European public administration in the 21st century2024-01-15A/220

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