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István ÁbelIssues of local taxation, enterprise evaluation and performance measurement in global value chains2019-03-31BGE
István ÁbelFirms in a global economy2019-03-31BGE
Lívia Ablonczyné MihálykaCommunication and culture in business context2019-05-31SZE
Nándor ÁcsThe effects of maternal illnesses and pharmacological therapies on pregnancy outcome2019-02-15EDI
Nándor ÁcsExamination of etiological factors of fetal developmental anomalies2019-02-15EDI
Pongrác Ács
József Betlehem
Relation system of sports and quality of life2019-02-15EDI
Pongrác Ács
Dóra Perczel-Forintos
Mindfulness in athletic performance2019-02-15EDI
Pongrác Ács
Gábor Rappai
Micro-and macro-economic effects of physical activity2019-02-15EDI
Pongrác ÁcsThe sports' economic and social relation system2019-02-15EDI
Balázs ÁdámAssessment of the health effects of workplace chemical exposures2019-05-15UDFPH
Balázs ÁdámHealth impact assessment of policies, programmes and projects with effect on the health of the population2019-05-15UDFPH
Andrea Ádámné MajorPreparation and Investigation of Nanocomposites with Polymer Matrix2019-01-07ÓE
Sándor ÁdányAnalysis of thin-walled structural memebrs with holes2018-12-20BMETM
Tünde AlapiDetection and environmental remediation of persistent organic compounds and their metabolites2018-12-31SZAKT
Fruzsina AlbertThe analysis of interpersonal relationships and physical/mental health from a sociological perspective2019-05-14SE
Donát AlpárHeterogeneity and evolution of hematopoietic malignancies2019-01-30SE
Donát AlpárHeterogeneity and evolution of hematopoietic malignancies2019-01-30SE
Donát AlpárHeterogeneity and evolution of hematopoietic malignancies2019-01-30SE
Alessandro AncaraniHealth care operations and management2019-05-31SZE
Alessandro AncaraniBEHAVIOURAL OPERATIONS2019-05-31SZE
Alessandro AncaraniProcurement of services and Public sector management and performance2019-05-31SZE
Alessandro AncaraniReshoring and Manufacturing in high cost countries2019-05-31SZE
Bálint AntalPrediction of biological functions based on representation learning of heterogeneus datasets2019-01-15DE IK
Bálint AntalPrediction of biological functions based on representation learning of heterogeneus datasets2019-01-15DE IK
Márk AntalSynergy between Tobacco Smoking and Periodontitis in Systemic Diseases2019-01-10FOG
Endre AratóPrevention methods for vascular and cardiovascular diseases2019-02-15EDI
Endre AratóThe role of arterial stiffness in cardiovascular prevention and risk evaluation2019-02-15EDI
Zsuzsanna ÁrvaThe administrative aspects of the education2019-01-15A/220
Tamás Atlasz
Márk Váczi
The effect of physical activiy in different kind of neurodegenerative diseases: biomechanical and molecular biological studies2019-02-15EDI
Attila BadóFair trial from comparative perspective2019-06-04ÁJTK
Zsolt BagosiThe actions of neuropeptides on neurohormones and neurotransmitters2018-12-31PATHP
Zsolt BagosiThe actions of addictive drugs on neurohormones and neurotransmitters2018-12-31PATHP
Zsolt BagosiThe interaction between neuropeptides and addictive drugs2018-12-31PATHP
Zoltán BajoryUrological infectology2019-01-10UROL
Zoltán BajoryCirculatory based pathology of the urogenital organs2019-01-10UROL
Gyula BakacsiSocietal and organizational culture and leadership (with GLOBE methodology2019-01-31ME
Kitti Bakos-KovácsEconomic and legal aspects of consumer protection2019-06-04civil
Kitti Bakos-KovácsProduct safety from viewpoint of economy and law2019-06-04civil
Károly BalatonStrategic management in companies located in Hungary2019-01-31ME
István BalázsLes changements de la théorie generale du service public2019-01-15A/219
L. György BalázsEffect of Length and Inclination of Near Surface Mounted (NSM) Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer(CFRP) Strips on the Shear Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams2018-12-20BMEEM
Elemér BaloghGeschichte der Rechts- und politischen Entwicklung in Europa2019-06-04ÁJTK
Judit BaloghRezeption und Kodifikation als Gestaltungsmittel des Staatswesens. Funktionswandel der Rechtsinstituten ab dem 18. bis zum 21. Jahrhundert2019-01-15C/8/A
László BaloghThe Optimum Arousal Theroy - to be in the ZONE - the State and the Possibilty of Measuring within Elite and Recreational Sports2019-02-15EDI
László BaloghThe influance of organizational psychology and cultural factors to the achievement of sports teams and sport organizations in the globalization sport2019-02-15EDI
Miklós BaloghNumerical Simulation of Stratified Atmospheric Boundary Layers2019-04-25ÁT
Sándor Balogh
Renáta Emese Papp
Research of intergrated health care systems2019-02-15EDI
Sándor Balogh
Csilla Sipeky
Care and primary and secondary prevention of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases2019-02-15EDI
Sándor BaloghPractice and opportunities of prevention in the General Practitioners' routine2019-02-15EDI
Péter BanczerowskiA comprehensive study about the prognosis predicting scoring systems of the vertebral metastasis patients2018-12-20SE
Andrzej BaniakLaw and Economics, Institutional Economics2018-12-31KEE
Tamás József BányaiOptimisation of logistic systems in Industry 4.0 environment2019-06-01LOG
Andrea Tünde BarabásRestorative approaches in the policing2018-12-31RDI
Andrea Tünde BarabásThe possibilities of situational and environmental crime prevention in Hungary2018-12-31RDI
Zoltán BaracskaiHow the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Sharing Economy will change the working life of Digital Natives.2019-05-31SZE
Sándor BaranProbabilistic methods in weather forecasting2019-01-15DE IK
Sándor BaranParameter estimation problems of random fields2019-01-15DE IK
Erzsébet BarátEnglish Applied Linguistics2019-01-15BTK
Zoltán Baráth
Éva Kereszty
Forensic aspects of oral injuries2018-12-31STOMA
Tamás Barcsi
Gusztáv Kovács
Psychological and Spiritual Healthcare in Philosophy and Health Sciences2019-02-15EDI
Tamás Barcsi
Henriette Tigyiné Pusztafalvi
Role of communication in the health care system2019-02-15EDI
Mátyás BarczyStochastic properties of affine processes2019-01-15DE IK
Mátyás BarczyStochastic properties of affine processes2019-01-15DE IK
Gábor BarnaThe investigation of signal transduction pathways of new therapy resistant cases in B-cell lymphomas2019-02-09SE
Péter BársonyOff-season artificial propagation and insect protein-based nutrition of European perch (Perca Fluviatilis)2019-01-15AqLab
György Bártfai
Tamás Bitó
Preservation of reproductive health - a holistic approach2019-01-10SZÜL
Ildikó BarthaExternal relations of the European Union2019-01-15A/214
Zoltán BarthaModelling and quantifying the macroeconomic effect of the institutional2019-01-31ME
Pál BarzóThe importance of cerebral vasoreactivity in different central nervous system diseases.2019-01-10IDEG
Pál BarzóThe role of functional MRI and DWI imaging (modalities) in neurosurgical and neurological disorders.2019-01-10IDSEB
Pál BarzóModern treatment of severe traumatic brain injury (TBI)2019-01-10IDSEB
Gabriella BaskaHistory of Education2019-01-15Kazy
Péter BassolaGerman linguistics2019-01-30BTK
Gyula BattaStructure, dynamics, and stability of new antifungal proteins as investigated by NMR and microcalorimetry techniques2019-01-15E18
Mátyás BenczeTheoretical background to adjudication2019-01-15B/103
Tamás BenderEvidence Based Physiotherapy2019-01-10ORTO
Katalin BeneDeveloping flow duration curves using geostatistical techniques and multivariate regression in northwestern Hungary.2019-04-30SZE
Csaba BenedekMobile 3D environment perception with a geospatial database background2018-12-31PPKE
József BenedekUrban development in Central and Eastern Europe. Conditions and strategies for the regeneration of regional centres (Miskolc, Cluj and Leipzig).2019-01-31ME
Balázs Benkei-KovácsAssessment of in-formal and non-formal learning, their role in education developments and its recognition possibilities2019-01-15Kazy
Tamás BényeiNarrative, theory and culture in modern British and postcolonial literature2019-01-15DEBTK
Zoltán BenyóPhysiological and pathophysiological functions of lipid mediators in the cardiovascular system.2019-01-30SE
Zoltán BenyóIntracellular signaling pathways of smooth muscle functions2019-01-30SE
Zoltán BenyóMolecular mechanisms of the regulation of angiogenesis and vascular permeability in malignant tumors2019-01-30SE
Antal BerényiInvestigation of the neuronal network oscillations in the > neocortex and hippocampus2019-03-19PHYS
Antal BerényiInvestigation of the neuronal network dynamics and > connectivity of the striatum2019-03-19PHYS
Róbert BerkeczDevelopment of new lipidomic and metabolomic approaches2018-12-31OVI
András BerkóReduced dimensional (0D, 1D, 2D) hetero-systems studied on atomic scale by scanning probe microscopy technique2018-12-31MTA
László BernáthEmotion and visual search, learning style, math anxiety2019-01-15Kazy
Árpád BeszédesEfficient dependence analysis methods in large-scale, complex architecture software systems2019-03-15SZTE
Árpád BeszédesStatic and dynamic analysis of JavaScript programs2019-03-15SZTE
Árpád BeszédesAnalysis and improvement of software testing processes and artefacts2019-03-15SZTE
Árpád BeszédesSoftware fault localization techniques involving context information2019-03-15SZTE
Árpád BeszédesReliable measurement and prediction of developer productivity in software development projects2019-03-15SZTE
Árpád BeszédesAnalysis and improvement of fault diagnostic capabilities of software testing2019-03-15SZTE
Árpád BeszédesEnhancement of software fault localization using machine learning2019-04-30SZTE
Árpád BeszédesHeuristic detection of equivalent mutants in mutation testing2019-04-30SZTE
József BetlehemSpecial situations in emergency care2019-02-15EDI
József BetlehemRole of simulated practical training in health care education2019-02-15EDI
József Betlehem
Tibor Oláh
The change of the effectiveness of acute care due to integrative education2019-02-15EDI

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