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Enikő A. SajtiHistory of ideas, politics and minorities in the Balkans throughout the 19th and 20th centuries2020-01-31SZTE
Attila AdamkóAdvanced software architectures and Model-based development methods2019-09-15DE IK
Gergely ÁgostonStress induced pulmonary hypertension2020-07-17CSAL
Gergely Ágoston
Albert Varga
Cardiovascular manifestation of the autoimmune diseases2020-07-17CSAL
Gergely Ágoston
Albert Varga
Assessment of the heart failure with different echocardiographic modalities2020-07-17CSAL
Tibor AjtaiInvestigation of microphysical properties of atmospheric and model aerosol2020-02-01SZTE
Tünde AlapiAdditive oxidative water treatment methods for elimination of endocrin disrupting chemicals2020-02-01SZTE
János AlmássyMolecular pathomechanism of ryanopathies2019-11-15DEÉI
Donát AlpárHeterogeneity and evolution of hematopoietic malignancies2019-10-10SE
Alessandro AncaraniHealth care operations and management2019-12-31SZE
Alessandro AncaraniBEHAVIOURAL OPERATIONS2019-12-31SZE
Alessandro AncaraniProcurement of services and Public sector management and performance2019-12-31SZE
Alessandro AncaraniReshoring and Manufacturing in high cost countries2019-12-31SZE
István Andó
Gyöngyi Ilona Cinege
A new player in innate immunity: The multinucleated giant blood cell2019-08-31SzBK
Zoltán AngyalDevelopment trends of the economic and monetary system, and the internal market of the European Union2019-08-31ÁJK
Bálint AntalPrediction of biological functions based on representation learning of heterogenous datasets2019-09-15DE IK
Márk AntalSynergy between Tobacco Smoking and Periodontitis in Systemic Diseases2020-07-17FOG
Ágnes B. TóthArchaeology of the age of the great migration2020-01-31BTK
Katinka BacskaiSchool effect in non-public sector2019-11-15MB202
István BaczkóMechanisms of drug-induced proarrhythmic adverse effects2019-08-31SZTE
István BaczkóMechanisms and novel pharmacological treatment options in atrial fibrillation2019-08-31SZTE
István BaczkóAtrial fibrillation, heart failure, mechanisms of verticular cardiac arrhythmias, sudden cardiac death, cardiac electrophysiology, proarrhythmic effects of drugs, myocard2019-08-31ÁOK
Zoltán Bagi
Kornél Kovács
Functional understanding and biotechnological exploitation of complex anaerobic microbial communities2019-08-31SZTE
Zoltán BajoryUrological infectology2020-07-17UROL
Zoltán BajoryCirculatory based pathology of the urogenital organs2020-07-17UROL
Márta BakuczTourism and the local economy2019-08-31KTK
Károly BalatonStrategic management2019-10-10ME
Károly BalatonAnalysis and development of social innovation2019-10-10ME
Gábor Balázs L.Hishistorical Solitude2019-09-15BTK
László BalkayStudy of the harmonization of texture analysis in PET and MRI scans2019-11-15DEOKI
Miklós BaloghNumerical Simulation of Stratified Atmospheric Boundary Layers2019-10-12ÁT
Ádám BanaiFinancial dollarization2019-12-31SZE
Ádám BanaiFinancial behaviour of households2019-12-31SZE
Ádám BanaiSMEs financing decision and funding structure2019-12-31SZE
Ádám BanaiReal estate market2019-12-31SZE
Péter BanczerowskiA comprehensive study about the prognosis predicting scoring systems of the vertebral metastasis patients2019-09-01SE
Tamás József BányaiOptimisation of logistic systems in Industry 4.0 environment2019-10-01LOG
Zoltán BaracskaiHow the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Sharing Economy will change the working life of Digital Natives.2019-12-31SZE
Sándor BaranParameter estimation problems of random fields2019-09-15DE IK
Sándor BaranProbabilistic methods in weather forecasting2019-09-15DE IK
László BaranyiNumerical simulation of the effect of free stream disturbance on the flow around and heat transfer from a rotating circular cylinder2019-12-31ÁHT
Erzsébet BarátEnglish Applied Linguistics2019-09-15BTK
Gábor BarnaThe investigation of signal transduction pathways of new therapy resistant cases in B-cell lymphomas2019-10-10SE
Gábor BarnaThe exploration, registration and creation of cultural heritage in Hungary, Central and South-Eastern Europe2020-01-31SZTE
Judit BartaCommercial law and the European and domestic legal development of the related instruments of the Hungarian pension system2019-08-31ÁJK
György Bártfai
Tamás Bitó
Preservation of reproductive health - a holistic approach2020-07-17SZÜL
Zoltán BarthaThe institutional framework of development2019-10-10ME
Pál BarzóModern treatment of severe traumatic brain injury (TBI)2020-07-17IDSEB
Pál BarzóThe importance of cerebral vasoreactivity in different central nervous system diseases.2020-07-17IDEG
Pál BarzóThe role of functional MRI and DWI imaging (modalities) in neurosurgical and neurological disorders.2020-07-17IDSEB
Péter BassolaGerman linguistics2019-09-15BTK
Péter BayInvestigation of the connections between the microbiome and the pathogenesis of glioblastoma2019-11-15DEOVI
Anett Bekéné RáczVirtual and Augmented Reality2019-09-15DE IK
Anett Bekéné RáczIntelligent optimization systems2019-09-15DE IK
Péter BencsikThe ischemic adaptation of the myocardium Subtopic: The role of matrix metalloproteinase-2 in ischemic heart injury2019-08-31ÁOK
Tamás BenderEvidence Based Physiotherapy2020-07-17ORTO
Csaba BenedekMobile 3D environment perception with a geospatial database background2019-09-30PPKE
József BenedekRegional inequalities and spatial polarisation2019-10-10ME
Pálma BenedekThe evaluation, surgical and conservative treatments of Sleep Disorders2020-07-17HEIMP
Melinda BenkőMiddle Class Mass Housing in Post-Socialist Cities2019-08-31BME
Melinda Benkő
Annamária Orbán
The role of contemporary social phenomena and innovation in urban housing and well-being2019-08-31BME
Zoltán BenyóPhysiological and pathophysiological functions of lipid mediators in the cardiovascular system.2019-12-31SE
Zoltán BenyóIntracellular signaling pathways of smooth muscle functions2019-12-31SE
Zoltán BenyóMolecular mechanisms of the regulation of angiogenesis and vascular permeability in malignant tumors2019-12-31SE
Tamás BérczesModeling and analyzing communication networks2019-09-15DE IK
Zsolt BereczkiComparative investigation of subadult remains from past human populations2019-08-31SZTE
Zsolt BereczkiInvestigation of cranial modification techniques in human bioarcheological samples2019-08-31SZTE
Zsolt BereczkiDifferential diagnostics of osteoarcheological lesions2019-08-31SZTE
Ákos BereczkyCombustion process of alternative fuels utilisation in internal combustion engines2019-10-12EGR
Tibor BertaTheoretical Linguistics2019-09-15BTK
István György BessenyeiThe effect of migration on economic growth2019-08-31KTK
Árpád BeszédesEfficient dependence analysis methods in large-scale, complex architecture software systems2019-12-31SZTE
Árpád BeszédesAnalysis and improvement of software testing processes and artefacts2019-12-31SZTE
Árpád BeszédesAnalysis and improvement of fault diagnostic capabilities of software testing2019-12-31SZTE
Árpád BeszédesReliable measurement and prediction of developer productivity in software development projects2019-12-31SZTE
Árpád BeszédesStatic and dynamic analysis of JavaScript programs2019-12-31SZTE
Árpád BeszédesSoftware fault localization techniques involving context information2019-12-31SZTE
Árpád BeszédesEnhancement of software fault localization using machine learning2019-12-31SZTE
Árpád BeszédesHeuristic detection of equivalent mutants in mutation testing2019-12-31SZTE
Sándor Beszédes
Gábor Keszthelyi-Szabó
Complex evaluation of the efficiency of microwave treatment for enhanced biodegradability of wastewater and sludge2020-02-01SZTE
Károly BezdekDiscrete geometry and its applications2019-11-03PE
Károly BibokRussian Linguistics2019-09-15BTK
Vilmos BilickiResearch of modern domain specific software architectures2019-12-31SZTE
Tamás BitóDiabetes and pregnancy2020-07-17SZÜL
Tamás BitóContraception2020-07-17NŐGY
István BodaCognitive science aspects of hypertext2019-09-15DE IK
Nikolett BódiRegion-dependent histological and molecular damage in the gut wall affecting the intestinal neuro-immune interactions in the streptozotocin diabetic rats2019-08-31SZTE
Marianna Bodroginé ZicharInterdisciplinar visualization2019-09-15DE IK
Sándor BodzásMathematical, constructional and technological analysis and optimization of the geometry of gear pairs in the function of the TCA (Tooth Contact Analysis) parameters2019-09-15DE IK
Sándor BodzásTechnological analysis and optimization of cutting manufacturing processes by informatics background2019-09-15DE IK
Zsolt BoldogkőiGene transfer with intelligent viral vectors2019-12-19ÁOK
Judit BorbélyColor and appearance of dental ceramics2020-05-20SE
Ágnes BorsosHeritage Prevention of present days, from the aspects of society2019-08-31BMDI
Ágnes BorsosClarities – Is that what’s missing from architecture?2019-08-31BMDI
Zoltán BozókiDevelopment of improved photoacoustic detection schemes for measuring the optical properties of aerosol particles with increased accuracy and better resolution2020-02-01SZTE
Sándor BozsikEfficiency analysis of financial markets2019-10-10ME
András BragyovaGuarantees of constitutional state and the rule of law2019-08-31ÁJK
István BudaiIT supported business process improvement2019-09-15DE IK
Gyöngyi BujdosóEducation in the Digital World: Designing, Developing, Analyzing, Implementing and Examining the Efficiency of E learning systems2019-09-15DE IK

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