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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Physics

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Sándor Szatmári"Back-to-back" amplifier in excimer laser systems2017-09-30SZTE
Sándor SzatmáriIncreasing contrast in high-intensity KrF excimer laser systems2017-09-30SZTE
Sándor SzatmáriOptical multiplexing in KrF excimer amplifiers2017-09-30SZTE
Sándor SzatmáriX-ray preionization in KrF excimer amplifiers2017-09-30SZTE
József VinkóSuperluminous supernovae2017-09-30SZTE
István FöldesGeneration of high harmonics from gases, clusters and nanoparticles2017-09-30WRC
Miklós VeresInvestigation of neuron functions using stimulated Raman scattering2017-09-30WRC
Petar LambrevIn vitro study of the role of intermolecular interactions in controlling the excitation energy flow in photosynthetic membranes2017-09-30SZBK

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