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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Pécs, Doctoral School of Pharmacologycal and Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Attila AgócsSynthesis and pharmacological investigation of carotenoid dendrimers and water soluble carotenoids2018-05-18ÁOK
Márta BalaskóThe role of peptide mediators and peripheral neural afferents in the development of fever, sickness behavior and in the adaptation to fasting: age-related alterations2018-05-18ÁOK
Márta BalaskóThe effects of perinatal environment on the regulation of energy homeostasis and on the development of body weight and body composition2018-05-18ÁOK
Márta Balaskó
Szilvia Soós
The role of central insulin in the regulation of energy balance in rats, according to age and nutritional state2018-05-18ÁOK
Márta Balaskó
János Garai
The effects of estrogen-mimetic endocrine disruptors on the regulation of energy homeostasis2018-05-18ÁOK
Márta BalaskóContribution of the central corticotropin system to age- and nutritional state-related regulatory alterations of energy balance2018-05-18ÁOK
Loránd BarthóIdentification of sensory neurotransmitters and studying the modulation of their release in isolated renal pelvis and main bronhus preparations2018-05-18ÁOK
Loránd BarthóThe the pharmacology and possible roles of nitric oxide, carbon-monoxide, ATP and other non-classical neurotransmitters in motor responses of visceral organs2018-05-18ÁOK
Boldizsár CzéhNewborn neurons in the adult brain: Regulation and therapeutic possibilities2018-05-18ÁOK
József DeliCarotenoids in drugs of herbal origin2018-05-18ÁOK
Andras GaramiInvestigation of the mediators of systemic inflammation in different animal models2018-05-18ÁOK
Péter HamarPathophyisology of renal allograft rejection – the role of micro RNAs2018-05-18ÁOK
Zsuzsanna HelyesInvestigating the mechanisms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in a mouse model2018-05-18ÁOK
Csaba HetényiComputational investigation of target-agent interactions2018-05-18ÁOK
Csaba HetényiStructural bioinformatics of protein complexes of signal transduction pathways of therapeutic importance2018-05-18ÁOK
Csaba HetényiDevelopment and application of computational drug design methods2018-05-18ÁOK
Csaba HetényiStructural mechanisms of epigenetics of histone modifications2018-05-18ÁOK
Györgyi Horváth
Péter Birinyi
Development and evaluation of products containing herbal substances2018-05-18ÁOK
Györgyi Horváth
Zsuzsanna Helyes
Isolation of natural compounds having anti-inflammatory activity from medicinal plants and investigation of their effect in pharmacological models2018-05-18ÁOK
Györgyi Horváth
Judit Krisch
The investigation of antimicrobial activitiy of essential oils in in vitro test systems2018-05-18ÁOK
Györgyi Horváth
Béla Kocsis
Investigation of biologically active metabolites from medicinal plants using in vitro and in vivo techniques2018-05-18ÁOK
Tamás KőszegiIn vitro testing of extracts of antidiabetic herbs using tissue culture models2018-05-18ÁOK
Veronika NagySynthetic modification of naturally occuring carotenoids, and pharmacological investigation of the products2018-05-18ÁOK
Pál PerjésiStructure-to-activity relationship studies on cytotoxic and cytoprotective effects of chalcones and chalcone analogues2018-05-18ÁOK
Pál PerjésiThe role of glutathione-conjugation in the biologic effects of chalcones and chalcone analogues2018-05-18ÁOK
Erika PintérTRPA1 receptor as potential drug target in the treatment of neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory disorders2018-05-18ÁOK
Judit PongráczModification of drug transporter expression and function in Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and their role in lung cancer therapy2018-05-18ÁOK
Judit PongráczTest system development for petide based drug delivery via the human lung using primary human lung tissue model2018-05-18ÁOK
Éva SzőkeInvestigation of ativation mechanisms of Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1 ion channel and its role in pain conditions of different origin2018-05-18ÁOK
Gábor VeresProspective, multi-centre, randomized, controlled study in adolescents and young adult patients with IBD2018-05-18ÁOK
Áron VinczeFactors modifying celiac phenotype2018-05-18ÁOK
Áron VinczePrevention and treatment of adverse events during retrograde cholangio-pancreatography2018-05-18ÁOK
Áron Vincze
Péter Hegyi
The epidemiology of precancerous pathologies and cancers in the upper gastrointestinal tract in Eastern Europe2018-05-18ÁOK
Áron VinczeExamination of quality parameters of gastrointestinal endoscopy2018-05-18ÁOK

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