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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Pécs, Doctoral School of Chemistry

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Beáta AlbertStudy of protein-protein interactions in the regulation of cell death2017-12-31Csík
Beáta Albert
Szilárd Fejér
Determination of protein structure by new mathematical modelling2017-12-31Csík
Szilárd FejérModelling the self-assembly of RSV CA capsid protein with coarse-graining2017-12-31Csík
Szabolcs LányiMetabolic engineering of Basfia succiniciproducens for the biosynthesis of added-value chemicals2017-12-31Csík
Szabolcs LányiStudy of protein-protein interactions in the regulation of cytogenesis2017-12-31Csík
Gyöngyvér MaraIdentifying chemical agents with role in bacterial induced stress tolerance in plants2017-12-31Csík
Botond RádulyEffect of disinfectants on the aerobic granular sludge wastewater treatment2017-12-31Csík
Róbert SzépClimate change and precipitation chemistry in closed continental basins2017-12-31Csík
Róbert SzépMulti-modal evaluation of particulate matter and tropospheric ozone pollutants in closed continental basins2017-12-31Csík
Károly HébergerDevelopment and testing multivariate chemometric models2017-12-31MTA
Károly HébergerFair comparison of similarity and distance measures (metrics)2017-12-31MTA
Attila FelingerRetention and selectivity in supercritical fluid chromatography2017-12-31PTE
László KollárPalladium-catalysed homogeneous catalytic reactions.2017-12-31PTE
László KollárEnvironmentally benign carbonylation reactions.2017-12-31PTE
János KovácsStable isotope geochemical analyses of Quaternary malacofauna2017-12-31PTE
Géza NagyElectrochemistry, electrochemical sensors, biosensors, Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) application of electrochemical sensors in physiological or in corrosion2017-12-31PTE
Tímea PernyesziBiosorption and biodegradation2017-12-31PTE

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