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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Pannonia, Doctoral School of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences

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Viktor SebestyénIntegrated Management of Recreational Lakes Using Ecosystem Modelling in Arid Regions2021-08-31DPE
András Liker
Nolwenn Fresneau
Reproductive sex roles in the Pheasant-tailed jacana2021-08-31PEEER
Kornélia ImreAerosol particles as cloud condensation nuclei2021-08-31PEFKT
Gyula KissChemical composition of the water-soluble organic fraction of atmospheric aerosol2021-08-31PEFKT
Ottó Horváth
Erzsébet Szabóné Bárdos
Preparation and characterization of nitrogen-doped TiO2 semiconductors for photocatalytic degradations2021-08-31PE-KI
Szabolcs NagyDynamic changes in sperm chromatin status in seasonally breeding mammals2021-08-31PE-AS
Zsolt PirgerNeuronal effects of human-derived drug residues at the cellular and molecular levels in great pond snail (Lymnaea stagnalis).2021-08-31PE-LT
Tamás Ruppert
János Abonyi
Human intention recognition and classification based on operator 4.0 and artificial intelligence2021-08-31UPPE
Balázs Gergely MadasModelling of low dose hyper-radiosensitivity and induced radioresistance2021-08-31MTAEP
Szabolcs VargaBiaxial ordering of colloidal particles: the effect of external fields and bidispersity2021-08-31IPM
Edina Lengyel
Csilla Stenger-Kovács
Resilience and resistance in aquatic ecosystems2021-08-31PERGL
Edina Lengyel
Csilla Stenger-Kovács
Investigation of the success of ecologically important algal species2021-08-31PERGL
Edina Lengyel
Csilla Stenger-Kovács
Phylogenetic diversity of siliceous algal assemblages in extreme aquatic ecosystems2021-08-31PERGL
Szabolcs VargaOrientational ordering of non-spherical nanoparticles in confinements2021-08-31PE-FM
Péter GurinStructural and ordering properties of colloidal nanoparticles in confined geometries2021-08-31FI
Tamás KristófAnalysis of corrosion processes of engineering steel alloys in gas oil mixture of renewable biomasses sources2021-08-31FKT
András LikerGenetic bases of adaptation to human disturbance in urban birds2021-08-31MTAEE
József KaizerSelective metalloenzyme-inspired oxidations2021-08-31PE-DC
Endre DomokosGIS-based modeling of the optimal shading of the walking route preparation of climate change2021-08-31FMKL
Géza Balázs Selmeczy
Csilla Stenger-Kovács
The impact of beaver dams on planktonic and benthic communities in Hungarian midland streams2021-08-31PE-DL
Mónika Meiczinger
Viola Somogyi
Development of enzyme catalytic wastewater treatment method to remove organic micropollutants2021-08-31UPBCE
Attila János TrájerPrioritizing the vector-borne diseases (VBDs) and individual’s health with respect to climate change factors2021-08-31UPDPE

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