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Current thesis topic proposals of Semmelweis University, Budapest, Doctoral School of Basic and Translational Medicine

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Kálmán BenkeMolecular biological background of diseases of the ascending aorta in Marfan syndrome and related disorders2021-07-20SE
Zoltán BenyóPhysiological and pathophysiological functions of lipid mediators in the cardiovascular system.2021-07-20SE
Zoltán BenyóIntracellular signaling pathways of smooth muscle functions2021-07-20SE
Zoltán BenyóMolecular mechanisms of the regulation of angiogenesis and vascular permeability in malignant tumors2021-07-20SE
László DézsiDevelopment and application of nanomedicinal methods in order to study hypersensitivity reactions2021-07-20SE
György FerenczyComputational Tools in Drug Discovery2021-07-20SE
Anikó GörbeInvestigation of the ischemic adaptation of the heart in presence of comorbidities in in vitro cell culture models2021-07-20SE
Péter HamarBreast cancer treatment modalities: identification of cancerangiogenetic and -immunologic targets.2021-07-20SE
Tamás HegedűsInvestigation of the structure, dynamics, and function of ABC proteins using experimental and computational methods2021-07-20SE
István HizohIdentification and analysis of prognostically important factors in acute coronary syndrome patients treated with percutaneous coronary intervention.2021-07-20SE
István HornyákBlood separation products for regenerative application2021-07-20SE
Miklós KellermayerSelf-organizing and nanomechanical properties of the actomyosin system2021-07-20SE
László KóboriAnatomical and surgical base of partial liver transplantation, living donor liver transplantation2021-07-20SE
László Kóbori2.CYP enzyme monitoring after transplantation for personalized drug therapy2021-07-20SE
Ákos KollerMicrocirculation and vascular biology: physiology/pathophysiology2021-07-20SE
Zsolt MártonfalviMechanical manipulation of biomolecules with optical tweezers and magnetic tweezers2021-07-20SE
Péter MukliInvestigating dynamic functional connectivity in the brain2021-07-20SE
György NádasyHemodynamic functions and network properties of the venous system: adaptation mechanisms to normal and abnormal loadings2021-07-20SE
Anikó Ilona NagyNeuropsychological effects of transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI)2021-07-20SE
Endre NémethAssessing preoperative organ reserve, frailty and their prognostic significance in patients with advanced heart failure referred for heart transplantation2021-07-20SE
László RosivallNovel Concepts in the Regulation of Blood Pressure and Kidney Function2021-07-20SE
László Rosivall
András Tislér
Pathomechanism of acute dialysis reaction2021-07-20SE
László RosivallIncidence, risk factors, iatrogenic causes and prognosis of hyponatremia in hospitalized patients2021-07-20SE
Krisztina S. NagyApplication of biopolymers for tissue engineering and drug delivery2021-07-20SE
László SmellerKinetics and dynamics of tetraplex DNA structures under complex environmental conditions determined by spectroscopic methods2021-07-20SE
Anikó SmudlaPsychological changes and possibilities for intervention among organ transplanted patients2021-07-20SE
Ágnes HarisPrevention, patient education and psychosocial care, the importance and influence of holistic nephrological care on the patients’ quality of life of and their home based2021-07-20SzMK
Ágnes HarisInfluence of the self-managed home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis treatment on the outcome and quality of life of the renal patients.2021-07-20SzMK

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