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Current thesis topic proposals of Szent István University, Gödöllő, Doctoral School of Management and Business Administration

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Emese BruderWorking but poor. Innovative organisational and individual solutions for reducing deprivation and at-risk of poverty2018-05-31SZIU
Milán ConstantinovitsInternational business transactions2018-05-31SZIU
Szilvia Erdeiné Késmárki-GallyEconomic analysis of agricultural production2018-05-31SZIU
Mária Farkasné FeketeThe role of institutions, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors in sustainable development2018-05-31SZIU
Csaba FogarassyCircular transformation of linear production systems - Application of BigData systems in horticultural production2018-05-31SZIU
Balázs HámoriThe role of innovation in the development, economic decisions and behavior of small and medium-sized enterprises2018-05-31SZIU
Balázs HámoriThe characteristics of the information economy and their impact on the behavior of economic actors2018-05-31SZIU
Bálint Csaba IllésOperation and development of quality management and food safety systems2018-05-31SZIU
Bálint Csaba IllésOpportunities, tools and constraints of effective enterprise development along the lifecycle stages of enterprises in different sectors2018-05-31SZIU
Róbert MagdaEvaluation of the competitiveness of natural-, economic- and human resources2018-05-31SZIU
Márk MolnárApplication of data mining methods to corporate and macro level forecasting2018-05-31SZIU
Márk MolnárApplication of game theory and experimental economic methods to the strategical analysis of bidding processes and auctions2018-05-31SZIU
László MuraközyBusiness Environment and International Competitiveness. Economic Policy, Institutions, Globalization2018-05-31SZIU
Henrietta NagyThe importance of local resources in the creation of regional and spatial inequalities in the world2018-05-31SZIU
Csilla ObádovicsTerritorial Inequalities of Human Resource and Its Economic Impacts2018-05-31SZIU
József PoórImpacts of Internationalization and Globalization on Company Management2018-05-31SZIU
Zsigmond Gábor SzalayNew approaches in the management of the enterprise information resourches2018-05-31SZIU
Zsigmond Gábor SzalayNew approaches in managing enterprise information resources2018-05-31SZIU
Judit T. KissExamination of effectiveness of investment in human capital and other resources, and analysis of factors influencing their use2018-05-31SZIU
Anna Törőné DunayCompetitiveness and development of micro, small and medium enterprises and innovation driven enterprises, analysis of entrepreneurial attitudes2018-05-31SZIU
Anna Törőné DunayTools of enterprise development for improving competitiveness in the agricultural sector – with special focus on sustainability and agricultural policies2018-05-31SZIU
Gedeon TotthThe role of food trade marks in consumers’ decisions. The effect of marketing activities on augmentation of the food trade marks’ influencing role on consumers’ decision2018-05-31SZIU
Tibor KoltayKnowledge management in the age of Research 2.02018-05-31SZIE
Róbert MagdaEvaluation of the competitiveness of natural-, economic- and human resources2018-05-31SZIE

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