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Current thesis topic proposals of Szent István University, Gödöllő, Doctoral School of Environmental Sciences

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András ÁcsJoint effect assessment of micropollutants applying biochemical markers2018-05-31SZIE
András BáldiEffects of farming on biodiversity and ecosystem services2018-05-31SZIE
Tibor BenedekAssessing applicability of bacterial biofilms developed in petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated environments in environmental remediation practices2018-05-31SZIE
Csaba CenteriWater erosion researches for protecting close-to-natural areas2018-05-31SZIE
Csaba Centeri
Krisztián Katona
Wild boar disturbance and regulatory effects on the natural processes in protected habitats2018-05-31SZIE
Csaba CenteriResearch of land use change – a nature conservation approach2018-05-31SZIE
Mátyás CserhátiBiodetoxification of micotoxins2018-05-31SZIE
György Heltai
Márk Horváth
1. Coupling of element specific spectrochemical methods with separation methods for determination of elemental species of metals, metalloids and nonmetals in environmenta2018-05-31SZIE
György Heltai
Márk Horváth
3. Characterization of environmental mobility of PTE contamination in the soil/water(biofilm)/sediment/atmosphere system by sequential extraction methods and multielemen2018-05-31SZIE
György Heltai
Gábor Endre Halász
2. Elaboration and validation of new type sequential extraction procedures for fractionation and speciation analysis of potentially toxic element content of soils and aq2018-05-31SZIE
Eszter KovácsThe evaluation of trade-offs between ecosystem services and their effects on well-being caused by land use changes using methods from social sciences2018-05-31SZIE
Eszter Kovács
Csaba Centeri
Complex evaluation of ecosystem services related to agricultural landscapes2018-05-31SZIE
Ákos MalatinszkyPlanning management adapted to climate change effects in nature protected areas2018-05-31SZIE
Ágnes Mészárosné BálintExperimental Research and Mathematical Modelling of inorganic and organic contaminants in water / soil / plant systems2018-05-31SZIE
Károly Penksza
Sándor Bartha
Grassland resilience to climatic extremes - the role of vegetation structure2018-05-31SZIE
Ákos Pető
Ferenc Gyulai
Geoarchaeology, environmental and landscape history of Bronze Age fortified settlements2018-05-31SZIE
István SzabóMulti parameter analyzes of microbial communities of hydrocarbon contaminated sites (Pollution – diversity – toxicology)2018-05-31SZIE
Sándor SzoboszlayThe antibiotic resistance, virulence and phylogenetic investigations of opportunistic microorganisms isolated from surface water bodies2018-05-31SZIE
Tünde Mária TakácsMultifactorial plant stress indication2018-05-31SZIE
András TáncsicsComparative analysis of microbial communities involved in the aerobic and microaerobic degradation of n-alkanes2018-05-31SZIE

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