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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Debrecen, Doctoral School of Physics at University of Debrecen

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Róbert ErdélyiRole of marcospicules in the dynamcis of the solar atmosphere2019-05-15CSILL
Róbert ErdélyiDeveloping state-of-the-art Space Weather forecast tools2019-05-15CSILL
Róbert ErdélyiMagnetodydrodynamic waves in the solar atmosphere2019-05-15CSILL
Róbert ErdélyiStudying the evolution of solar faculae over the solar cycle2019-05-15CSILL
Ferenc KunStudy of non-equilibrium processes of magneto- and electrorheological fluids2019-05-15Elm F
Ferenc KunDynamics and statistics of avalanches in complex systems2019-05-15Elm F
Ferenc KunInvestigation of fracture and fragmentation processes in solids2019-05-15Elm F
Ágnes NagyDensity functional theory2019-05-15Elm F
Ágnes VibókPhoto-induced nonadiabatic quantum molecular dinamics2019-05-15Elm F
Balázs UjváriDirect photon production in Au+Au collisions2019-05-15KISF
Balázs UjváriNeutral meson production in 200 GeV Au+Au collisions2019-05-15KISF
Dezső BekeInvestigation of noisy character of phase transformations2019-05-15SZILF
Csaba CserhátiAtomic movements in 2 and 3 dimensional structures2019-05-15SZILF
Lajos DarócziNoise phenomena in martensitic materials2019-05-15SZILF
István CsigeHydrodynamic modeling of contaminated subsurface flows2019-05-15RADON
Géza LévaiPotential problems of quantum mechanics and their applications2019-05-15AtElm

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