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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Debrecen, Doctoral School of Linguistics

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Ildikó CsépesLanguage Testing and Assessment2018-02-16DEBTK
Ildikó CsépesSecond Language Acquisition2018-02-16DEBTK
Attila CserépThe syntax and semantics of idioms2018-02-16DEBTK
Éva Aliz KardosLexical semantics, event structure, argument structure, verbal particles2018-02-16DEBTK
Sándor KissThe Latin-Romance Transition: Documents and Theoretical Approach2018-02-16DEBTK
Tibor LaczkóComplex Finite Sentences in English (and Hungarian)2018-02-16DEBTK
Tibor LaczkóNon-Finite Clauses in English (and Hungarian)2018-02-16DEBTK
Tibor LaczkóAnaphoric relationships in English (and Hungarian)2018-02-16DEBTK
Tibor LaczkóNominalization in English and Hungarian from a Cross-Linguistic Perspective2018-02-16DEBTK
György RákosiSpecial varieties of language2018-02-16DEBTK
György RákosiAnaphoric dependencies2018-02-16DEBTK
György RákosiArgument structure phenomena2018-02-16DEBTK
Franciska SkuttaLinguistic Approaches to Narrative2018-02-16DEBTK
Enikő TóthExperimental semantics/pragmatics2018-02-16DEBTK
Ágoston TóthInvestigating Distributional Semantics2018-02-16DEBTK

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