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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Debrecen, Doctoral School of Literary and Cultural Studies

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Tamás BényeiNarrative, theory and culture in modern British and postcolonial literature2018-02-05DEBTK
György BorusAnglo-Dutch relations in the 17th century2018-02-05DEBTK
Imola BülgözdiThe Literature and Culture of the American South2018-02-05DEBTK
Imola BülgözdiGender and Identity in 2oth-century and contemporary American prose2018-02-05DEBTK
Péter CsatóContemporary American prose fiction and film in the context of modern moral philosophy and epistemology2018-02-05DEBTK
Tibor GlantUS-Hungarian Relations and Contacts2018-02-05DEBTK
György KalmárConstructions of subjectivity in contemporary film2018-02-05DEBTK
József LapisPoetical trends and reading strategies in contemporary Hungarian prose2018-02-05DEBTK
József LapisLyric models in the 20-21st century2018-02-05DEBTK
Judit MolnárCanadian Multicultural Literatures2018-02-05DEBTK
Lenke NémethAmerican drama and theatre2018-02-05DEBTK
Lenke NémethAmerican Literature2018-02-05DEBTK
István RáczThe Movement and British gay poetry in the second half of the 20th century2018-02-05DEBTK
István RáczAesthetics and Poetics as Reflected in 19th and 20th century British Poetry2018-02-05DEBTK
Nóra SélleiGender and culture2018-02-05DEBTK
Nóra Séllei19th- and 20th-century English women writers2018-02-05DEBTK
Judit SzathmáriAmerican Indian sovereignty issues2018-02-05DEBTK
Gabriella Tóthné EspákMethodological issues of teaching Australian Studies in Europe2018-02-05DEBTK
Gabriella Tóthné EspákNational minority identities conflicting with multiculturality in Canada and Australia2018-02-05DEBTK
Gabriella Tóthné EspákMajor trends and motifs in North American and Australian cultural and literary criticism (20th century)2018-02-05DEBTK
Balázs VenkovitsHistory of Travel and Travel Literature2018-02-05DEBTK
Tibor GlantContemporary American Culture2018-02-05BTK
Ágnes GyörkeTwentieth- and twenty-first-century British and postcolonial literature, literary and cultural theory2018-02-05BTK
Judit MolnárContemporary English-Language Writing in Québec2018-02-05BTK

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