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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Miskolc, Sámuel Mikoviny Doctoral School of Geosciences

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Ljudmilla BokányiFinely dispersed solid wastes (metals, plastics, etc.) selective recycling from aqueous environment by physical-chemical separation techniques2021-12-31UM
Ljudmilla BokányiResearch and Development of Environmental Bioprocesses2021-12-31UM
Ljudmilla BokányiResearch and development of recycling of critical elements from wastes by phisical-vhemical and chemical techniques2021-12-31UM
József FaitliThe effect of dispersity state of coarse disperse systems on raw materials processing2021-12-31UM
József FaitliModelling and simulation of comminution – classification raw materials processing technologies2021-12-31UM
József FaitliImprovement of municipal solid wastes management2021-12-31UM
Balázs KovácsInvestigation of geofluid - rock matrix interactions in different fields of geo-engineering2021-12-31UM
Ferenc KristályInvestigations regarding mineral resources and their composition, controlling experiments through instrumental analysis2021-12-31UM
György LengyelThe role of siliceous rock petrographic properties in Palaeolithic lithic technologies2021-12-31UM
György LengyelThe impact of Quaternary environmental changes on human societies2021-12-31UM
György LessComplex study of Hungarian Cenozoic basins2021-12-31UM
György LessGeological conditions of N Hungarian Paleozoic-Mesozoic structural units and related geological hazards2021-12-31UM
Gábor MucsiDevelopment of special grinding methods in high energy density mills2021-12-31UM
Gábor MucsiDevelopment of geopolymer from secondary raw materials2021-12-31UM
Sándor NagyAgglomeration of primary or secondary raw materials2021-12-31UM
Sándor NagyProcessing of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)2021-12-31UM
Ádám RáczDevelopement of the dry stirred media milling2021-12-31UM
Norbert Péter SzabóMultivariate statistical method development for the interpretation of well logs2021-12-31UM
Norbert Péter SzabóDevelopment of innovative inversion methods for the interpretation of well logs2021-12-31UM
Sándor SzakállMineralogical and chemical investigations of aluminum-phosphate-sulphate (APS) minerals in the Carpathian-Pannonian region2021-12-31UM
Sándor SzalaiInvestigation of the field applicability of the geoelectric quasi null arrays2021-12-31UM
Péter SzűcsDevelopment of hydrogeological measuring and groundwater modeling methods to support the sustainable utilization of drinking, mineral, medicinal and thermal water resourc2021-12-31UM
Anikó TóthGeothermal energy production and utilization2021-12-31UM
Zoltán TurzóModeling of Liquid loading in Gas Wells2021-12-31UM
Zoltán TurzóEvaluation of Inflow Performance of Intermittent fluid producing wells2021-12-31UM
János VágóAnalysis of drainage basin morphometry2021-12-31UM
Felicitász VelleditsGeological investigation of carbonate reservoirs2021-12-31UM
Felicitász VelleditsInvestigation of Miocene carbonates2021-12-31UM
Zoltán István VirágDevelopment of haulage and mining equipment2021-12-31UM
Zoltán István VirágOptimum design of steel structures2021-12-31UM
Balázs Zsolt Zákányi
Márton Tóth
Research into the possibilities of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR)2021-12-31UM

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